Quinta do Noval Silval Vintage Port 1995

The name Quinta do Noval first appeared in land registers in the year 1715.  António José da Silva, a Port shipper from Gaia, father-in-law of Luiz Valsconcelos Porto, acquired Quinta do Noval in 1894 after its devastation by phylloxera. He restored the property by replanting its vineyards.

A new bottling line and warehouse was completed in 1997 in Alijo, near to Pinhão. This project made Quinta do Noval the first of the traditional Port shippers to centralise all its activities in the Douro Valley rather than in Vila Nova de Gaia near Porto.

Estimated cost of this Quinta do Noval Silval Vintage Port 1995 bottle of 750 ml is 38 Euro.

Taste notes right after decanting

Red to light red in the colour

Feels thin and easy to sling in the glass, heavy curtains on the sides.

Spiced fruit, darkness, tannin and a dominating alcohol in the aroma.

Good fruit with a powerful bite, sweet taste with some alcohol.

Intermediate rating 85 /100

2.5 hours after decanting

Darker in the colour and slightly heavier.

Aroma and taste remains the same as earlier.

6 hours after decanting

Darker in the colour

Dark and spicy with a sharp nose.

Medium bodied, yet dry and alive from tannin. Sweet fruit in the end.

Will properly improve with longer decanting than 6 hours, still a lot of tannin that could rest for a couple more years in the cellar. The bottle had a bigger sediment than what I find on average in a vintage port.

Overall rating 88 / 100

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Baladin – Isaac

The bar La Baladin opens in Piozzo, Italy in 1986, at 1996 it has its own brewing equipment and becomes a brewpub. It was founded by master brewer Teo Musso.

I received this beer as a gift, it was bought at a beer shop in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a  corked and varnished 750 ml bottle at 5%.

Beautiful beer, yellow going to orange in the colour.

A small head that disappears quickly.

Light and fresh aroma with a weak fruit over it. A good and sweet scent.

Good CO2 level, delicious fruit in the taste, good balance between sweet and acid notes. Sweetness and hops go hand in hand. Soft, velvet and pleasant after taste. Fades very nice.

Overall rating is 86 / 100

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Volkan Santorini White

Volkan beer brewery is located on the island Naxos in the city of Santorini, Greece. What is special about the Volkan beer is that the water is filtered in a unique Santorini basalt filter unit which consists of volcano lava stones, Santorini honey and citrus from Naxos.

I received this beer as a gift, it was bought at a beer shop in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a  330 ml bottle at 5%.

Beautiful and thick flowing yellow going to orange beer.

A small head with a fine top but else a rather rough structure.

Suitable aroma, fruity and sweet, but with a dominating flowery scent to it. Slightly spiced.

Low CO2, a very sweet beer, it is infact extremely sweet, sugary and it is just too much, not a pleasant drink. Its use of honey in the brewing process is not a hit with me. Tastes like a 8-10% beer trying to hide its alcohol with honey.

Overall rating is 71 / 100

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