Schneider Weisse – Tap 4 – Mein Grünes


Georg I Schneider was the creator of the Schneider Weisse Original recipe, which is still used today. Two-hundred years ago, wheat beer could only be brewed by the Bavarian royal family in their breweries. In 1872, King Ludwig II discontinued brewing wheat beer due to a steady decline in sales.

Georg I Schneider was sold the exclusive right to brew wheat beer. Today, Georg VI Schneider is running the brewery in Kelheim, which the family acquired in 1927 and has remained the Schneider Weisse brewery to this day. It is the oldest wheat beer brewery in Bavaria. Wheat beer has been brewed there without interruption since its founding in the year 1607.

I bought this unfiltered weissbeer from a German webshop at the price of 1,49 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 6,2%.

Beautiful orange colour and very coarse haziness.

Small head that is gone in a short moment.

Fresh and hoppy aroma with a sweet fruit to it.

Medium CO2, flowery like a spring field in peak, sweet fruit and some slight bitter hops in the after taste. Organic beer which is a plus but it is also in the sharp end of the flower taste scale.

Overall rating 79 / 100

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Thisted Bryghus – Ingefær


Thisted Bryghus was founded in 1908 where it bought up the broke Thisted Aktiebryggeri that had existed for a mere 10 years before it had to close. The brewery is mainly owned by local people holding shares in the brewery. Thisted bryghus is located in Thisted in Denmark.

I found this beer at a local supermarket in Denmark at the price of 2,5 Euro for a 500 ml bottle with a strength of 4,5%.

Bright light yellow almost going into the white spectrum in the colour of this wheat beer.

Small head.

The aroma is some weird composite mix of ginger, dishwasher water and soap.

Good CO2, a very special ginger mixed with wheat taste. Slightly bitter and hoppy with a much flowery or almost soap like after taste.

Overall rating is 65 / 100

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Jacob – Weissbier Alkoholfrei


In 1738, the workers of the smelting work in Bodenwöhr, Bayern, Germany requested permission from Karl Albrecht, Elector of Bavaria, to establish a brewhouse so that they would no longer need to import the brews of a somewhat inferior quality from nearby towns. The first master brewer, Peter Still from Fischbachbegan his work in 1758, so some twenty years later.

In 1759 Peter Still died and while it was a state owned it was decided to privatize the brewery, which happened in 1804. In 1884, Johann Baptist Jacob – the great-grandfather of present-day owner, Marcus Jacob – acquired the company.

I bought this unfiltered weissbeer from a German webshop at the price of 1,49 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 0,0%.

good looking yellow going slightly into orange in the colour.

Small head that is quickly gone.

Vegetables and wheat in the aroma, generally lacks fruit and sweetness.

Hard and front running CO2 with a sharp wheat in the taste, nothing more to add to that.

Overall rating 65 / 100

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