Svyturys – White Baltas

Švyturys brewery was established in 1784 and is by that the oldest brewery in Lithuania. The brewery was destroyed doing world war 2 and was rebuilt in 1946. Majority of the brewery was in 1999 bought by Carlsberg and is still on their hands today.

I found this beer at a local supermarket in Denmark at the reasonable price of 1,33 Euro for a 500 ml can with a strength of 5%.

A thick mass yellow fills the glass as this unfiltered beer contains a lot of sediment that takes some swirls to get out of the bottle.

The head is big, rough and settles into a thin layer, the head is long lasting and sets off the beer nicely.

A less fruity but fresh aroma and taste gives the beer a nice touch, but the long lasting taste is unfortunately dominated by the yeast. The yeast after taste is in no way a problem when drinking one of these beers, but I would properly not drink a 2nd and 3rd right after each other.

A decent beer to the money but nothing more than that. I could only wish for less yeast residue to give it a bit more balance.

Overall rating is 77 / 100

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