Erdinger Weissbier


This wheat beer comes from the Erdinger brewery located at Erding in Bayern.

Erdinger have been making beer here since 1886, the brewery was established and later in 1930 it is bought by a malt factory, F.W. Otto. In 1935, the managing director Franz Brombach is offered to buy the brewery. Since then the brewery became very popular and it a widely exported weissbier. The brewery is still owned by the Brombach family today.

I bought this 5,3% 500 ml bottle in the Gardermoen airport (OSL) taxfree shop in Norway at 2,5 Euro, expected price, certainly in Norway.

The colour is what you expect for a weissbier, a good solid yellow revealing the unfiltered nature of the beer.

The head structure is more than acceptable, it is good. Stays for the duration of enjoying the beer.

There is sediment on the bottom of the bottle that you can enjoy swirling out with the last bit of  beer in the bottle.

The aroma is weak and does not tell me much about what I am about to drink nor does it override the taste of the beer.

The taste is what I would call a thin medium fruit that quickly goes into normal beer in after taste. It is in my opinion lacking fruit and yeast notes to the taste.

Overall rating is 72 / 100

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