Jacobsen – Weissbier


At the age of 24 J.C. Jacobsen starts the brewery Carlsberg in 1847 on Valby bakke. In the pursuit of brewing the best beer he develops breakthrough methods for refining the yeast in his laboratory. In 2005 the Carlsberg group opens up a small experimental brewery in the old original buildings used by J.C. Jacobsen, a small brewery made to experiment with developing new types of beer.

I found this beer at a local supermarket in Denmark at the price of 4 Euro for a 750 ml bottle with a strenght of 5,9%.

A delicate yellow going to orange colour fills the glass and is with the right look of unfiltered beer.

The head is big, rough and fine on the top. It will sadly disappear within minutes.

Aroma is very delightful and good fruit, a slight hint of banana can be smelt.

Taste is wonderful, sprinkling and have a nice and long aftertaste. A really good beer, but it is no weissbier as it is not brewed according to the german purity law, glukose have been added to adjust the taste.

The label uses words like it was a french wine taster describing it, I have no desire to see this trend to spread to beers too. Since it is a Weissbier brewed with other ingredients than described in the german purity law it will stay in the range of average beers.

Still a very enjoyable beer!

Overall rating is 79 / 100

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