Gruut White


Gruut is a new and modern brewery that has been built on the site where the old Lely Brewery was placed in Ghent, Belgium. Lely was owned by the Gheeraerde Family, who brewed traditional Belgian ales from 1383 to 1673. The brewery was turned into a grain mill and much later up the 1980s it was a restaurant. Today the building is once again full of brewing equipment and in the cellar can traces of the old milling equipment still be seen. The name Gruut comes from the name of the herb mixture that is used in the original recipies for this kind of beer. 

I bought this beer at a small beer store located in a cellar in the main street of Tartu in Estonia. Price was 2,65 Euro for a 330ml beer at 5%.

The beer is white, atleast as white as a beer can get, and that is just as described on the bottle.

The head structure is rough and will quickly fade away.

Aroma is a fresh light play of fruit. Taste is a bubbly experience, fresh and light fruit, a very light fruit. It is a sprinkling beer to drink but the after taste is gone in a second. I would wish it had a longer finish and a little more kick to the fruit taste.

Overall rating is 76 / 100

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