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Christoffel brewery is located in Holland. Founded in 1986 in the city of Roermond, a former coal mine industrial area. The brewery is named after the guardian saint of the city, Saint Christoffel. Christoffel brewery makes its fermentation in open tanks and all beers unpasteurised.

Bought in a local wine store and beer specialist in Denmark, 3,33 Euro for a 330 ml bottle at 6%.

A dark red colour, almost as close to brown as it can get.

The head got a coloured note from the beer and quickly dissipates into a thin layer.

A faint fruit can be sensed in the aroma, but is dominated by the dark notes of caramel.

It is a wheat beer, but that is by far what I find in the taste, by its less amount of yeast there is almost no CO2 left in the beer when it is poured. Caramel and bitterness dominates and it is the same for the finish.

Overall rating is 70 / 100

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