König Ludwig Weissbier Hell


The House of Wittelsbach began the first brewery in 1260. 32 years later, Herzog Rudolf built the castle Kaltenberg, which houses a part of the brewery’s facilities today. The brewery as it exists today was opened in 1870. Prince Luitpold of the House of Wittelsbach, is the great-grandson of the last King of Bavaria, Ludwig III.

500 ml bottle with a strength of 5,5% for 3,3 Euro each.

A good yellow colour with a unfiltered look with red notes.

The head starts out huge with a rough base and a very fine top.

A well fruited aroma with a hint of barley.

The taste is a little too anonymous fruit accompanied with a little too flat CO2. Enjoying the aroma of this I had expected much more from the taste. It is still a good beer.

The bottle cap with the Bayern weapon shield looks good and so does the yellow labels.

Overall rating is 78 / 100

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