Sierra Nevada – Kellerweis


Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is located in Chico in California, USA. The brewery was founded in 1976 by Ken Grossman. 

Bought in a local wine and beer import store in Denmark. I payed 3,5 Euro for a 12 oz bottle at 4,8%. The price tag is what to expect from a over seas imported special beer.

A well known fruit aroma is also to find in this Weissbier.

Head is rough and quickly disappear with the beer releasing its CO2 in the glass, a very active beer.

Colour is a hazy yellow and it is lacking the glow of a Weissbier.

The taste is good, bubbly, fruit and the finish goes on for a little while.

For a weissbier brewed in America there is little distinction from a regular weissbier. It is fully justified to name it a Hefeweizen despite it being brewed outside of Bayern.

Overall rating 77 / 100



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