Störtebeker – Bernstein-weizen


Störtebeker brewery was founded in 1862 in Stralsund, Germany. The first big expansion of the brewery was in 1899 where the building now had brewing going on on multiply stocks.

I bought this beer at Systembolaget in Vimmerby, Sweden. 2,75 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 5,2%

A good looking yellow unfiltered beer with a orange glow.

A nice big head with a thin fine layer on top, as the head settles a fine layer is left behind.

A good fruitful aroma with a hint of wheat.

Tasting it, the CO2 bubbles up fast and dies just as fast. The fruit is flat, a little watery and a little bitterness shines through.

Overall rating 70 / 100

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