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Witterkerke wit bier


Adolphe De Brabandere submitted a application to start a brewery in the town of Bavikhove, Belgium in 1894. One of his sons, Joseph De Brabandere made the first brew the same year. Joseph died in 1929 at the age of 54. Josephs son Albert took over the brewery. Albert had two sons, Ignace and Vincent that helped with the family business, Vincent died in 1986 at the age of 32. Ignace was the only one left of the third generation. Today the brewery is ran by the fourth generation and remain a family owned brewery.

I bought this beer at the wine shop H.J. Hansen in Odense, Denmark at the price of 3 Euro for a 250 ml bottle at 5%

Light yellow in the colour and with a good unfiltered look.

Medium head of white fine bubbles, circa 10 mm stay on top of the beer for the drink.

Sweet and flowery aroma with a little fruit to it.

God CO2, light sweet fruit in the taste with a freshness. The taste is little too thin and it can off with a weird artificial after taste of the citrus.

Overall rating 73 / 100

Mikkeller – Not Just Another Wit


Mikkel started brewing in his kitchen in 2005 and developed some new and innovative beers that quickly gave him international reputation. Later Ørbæk brewery in Denmark helped him brew on license to get a volume to export. Today he brews most of his beer on license at Proef Brouwerij brewery in Belgium.

I bought this beer in a wine shop called H.J. Hansen in Odense, Denmark at the price of 5 Euro for a 330ml bottle at 7,6%.

Semi bright yellow, not that hazy look on this unfiltered beer.

Small head, white and fine bubbles that disappears fast.

Spicy and flowered aroma with a hint of fruit.

Strong CO2, very strong flowered taste with a hefty bitterness. Long after taste. It feels like a fast attack of bitterness that moves straight on to a sweet fruit only to go straight into flower notes. There is no sign in the taste of the high alcohol percentage. Well played.

Overall rating 80 /100

Midtfyns bryghus – Go’jul


Midtfyns brew house was founded in 2004 in Årslev, Denmark. It is a micro brewery that started out brewing beer on license from Scotland but since 2006 they have used their own recipes and develop their own new beers.

I bought this beer in a local wine shop in Odense, Denmark at the price of 6 Euro for a 500ml bottle at 6,2%

A thick and hazy yellow colour.

Great big head with a fine top and it stays for the full duration with a decent layer.

Lightly fruited and hoppy aroma with hints of citrus.

Heavy CO2 with a lot of taste from a full bodied fruit with sweet notes, goes into a more hoppy bitterness, not much, just enough to make for a good after taste that ends up long after in a flowery hint.

Overall rating 80 / 100