Hansa – Hvete


Hansa brewery is located in Bergen, Norway and was founded in 1891 by Waldemar Stoud  Platou. The brewery was moved from the City centre to outer skirts industrial areas in the 1980s. In 1997 Borg brewery and Hansa fused into Hansa Borg breweries.

I bought this wheat beer, brewed as a weissbier as it says, in a local supermarket in Oslo, Norway at the price of ? Euro for a 500 ml can at 4,6%.

Light yellow and not very unfiltered, a haze at most.

Head is rough and quickly disperses into a thin layer.

Aroma is good, sweet and fruity.

CO2 is good, but the taste is too weak and watery, after taste is more to the hops side than a fruit.

Overall rating 71 / 100

1 thought on “Hansa – Hvete

  1. Boris

    I bought this beer in Bergens supermarket aprox 20 NOK. Its such teasty beer and likes female person, approved.

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