Hösl Whiskey-weisse


The privately owned brewery Hösl was founded in 1906 by Michael Hösl in Mitterteich, Bavaria, Germany. The brewery burned down in 1957 and was recently restored in 2006. The brewery is today run by second generation of the Hösl family.

I bought this beer in a local beer shop in Berlin, Germany at the price of 3 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 5,6%.

A deep orange going over in brown colour with a nice glow in the bottom.

The head takes some colour from the beer and it disappears quickly into a thin layer.

A very sweet and fruity aroma with a certain freshness to it.

Low CO2, smoked, dark taste with a freshness from the hard to taste fruit. The after taste is dominated by the smoke by ends too soon.

Overall rating 79 / 100

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