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Celis white


Wit beer can be tracked back to being brewed in the middleages in the village of Hoegaarden in Belgium. There have been many breweries, fires, closures etc and the the brand have been bought and sold numerous times between large breweries in new times. The man behind Celis White brewed in Texas, America was also the owner of Hoegaarden before he sold it and moved to America.

I bought this wheat beer in a local wine shop in Odense, Denmark at the price of 3,2 Euro for a 250ml bottle at 5%.

The unfiltered yellow beer fills the glass with a orange glow.

Fine white head, not very big, but it stays.

Sweet aroma with fresh fruit and light hops to it.

A bubbly drink with fresh light hops and fruit, a little yeast in the taste. A pleasant after taste.

Overall rating is 79 / 100

Gotlands bryggeri – Wisby weisse


Gotlands brewery is located in Visby, Sweden. It is owned by Spendrups breweries and the micro brewery was founded in 1995.

I bought this beer at Systembolaget in Stockholm, Sweden at the price of 3 Euro for a 500ml bottle at 5,2%.

A beautiful yellow colour with some light orange to it.

A big, fine and white head.

Aroma is a fresh and lovely fruit.

A flat CO2 with hops, fresh light fruit and short after taste.

Overall rating 75 / 100

Fur hvede

GS6A2751Fur brewery is located on the small island Fur in Limfjorden, Denmark. The brewery was founded in 2004.

I bought this wheat beer in a local supermarket in Odense, Denmark at the price of 5 Euro for a 500ml bottle at 5,6%.

A beautiful orange colour with glow to it.

Very small head that disappears very fast.

A weak fruit in the aroma.

bubbly freshness with a little too low CO2, light bitter fruit and a very short taste.

Overall rating 71 / 100