Epic brewing company – Wit beer

GS6A2440Epic Brewing Company is located in Salt Lake City, Utah in America and was founded in 2010. All beers are hand crafted in small series and all bottles are numbered. So far 39 series of beer have been released.

I bought this beer in a local beer shop in Berlin, Germany at the price of 7,8 Euro for a 650ml bottle at 5,3%. There are only 1800 bottles of this beer and this was #18.

A beautiful unfiltered yellow colour.

Large head made of very fine bubbles and it stays with a good layer.

Aroma comes off with a lovely fruit, sweet and in balance.

Soft CO2 makes for a pleasant drink with a good fruit to it. Reminds me more of a weissbier than a wit. Still a good beer.

Overall rating 82 / 100

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