Tucher Kristall Weissen


Tucher brewery is located in Nürnberg, Germany. The brewery produced beer for the hospitals since 1643, but the official founding date for the brewery is 1672. In 1806 the brewery became a royal Bayern brewery as the King bought it. It was sold off to in 1855 to the Dr.-Lorenz-Tucher-Stiftung. It was renamed to Tucher in 1985 and is today since 2004 owned by the Oetker group.

I bought this beer at a Bayern web shop at the price of 2,5 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 5,1%.

The colour is a bright and light yellow filtered beer.

The head is rather small and settles quickly into a very thin layer.

The aroma comes off with a mild but good fruit.

Heavy CO2 with a lack of fruit to the taste, some what bitter and this is supposedly Champagneweissen. Not a beer type that completely suits me.

Overall rating 71 / 100

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