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Schwaben Bräu – Das Weizen Hefe Hell


Schwaben brewery was founded in 1903 by David Sanwald in Stuttgart, Germany. In 1996 it was brought together with the Dinkelacker brewery. In 2007, Wolfgang Dinkelacker, buys back the brewery from the big corporation Inbev. The privately owned brewery, dinkelacker-Schwaben braü, is today still located in Stuttgart and have around 300 employees.

I bought this unfiltered weissbier in a wine shop in Odense, Denmark. At the price of 5 Euro for a 500ml bottle at 5%

Beautiful orange glowing colour.

Large white head, fine bubbles on the top, disperses into a thin layer.

Faint fruit in the aroma.

Strong CO2, the fruit taste is on the light side while it is overwhelmed by the sweet taste.

Overall rating 75 / 100

Nørrebro Bryghus – Ivory Blonde


Nørrebro Bryghus is a Danish micro brewery founded in 2000 by Anders Kissmeyer and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brewery also functions as a restaurant.

I bought this beer in Kvickly, a supermarket found all over Denmark. At the price of 2,5 Euro for a 400ml bottle at 5%.

Good looking yellow and orange colours.

Deheading in an instant, decapitation of foam.

Aroma have some good notes split fifty fifty between fruit and flower.

Low CO2, some good but faint fruit, the grape comes through in the end. Beer in a dentity crisis.

Overall rating 70 / 100

Bryggeriet Skovlyst – Lemonhvede


The brewery Skovlyst was founded in 2004 and is located in Hareskoven,Værløse, Denmark. Since 2007 the large batches of beer is brewed on license in Poland. Only limited edition, draft beer and beer for the restaurant is still made at the brewery in Denmark.

I was given this beer as a gift, it can be bought in supermarkets in Denmark. It is a 330ml bottle at 2,7%.

Yellow colour and unfiltered. Large amount of sediment.

No head at all, not even a thin layer.

A artificial aroma of lemon and some ginger in there too.

Low CO2, tastes like lemonade and the ginger keeps going in the after taste.
Beer in a dentity crisis.

Overall rating 66 / 100