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Gundestrup – Æble-hvede øl


Gundestrup dairy and brewery is located in Gundestrup, Fyn, Denmark. Gundestrup dairy was founded in 1888 and operated as a cooperative movement dairy up until 1983. In 2007 it was decided by the owner Jørgen Hoff that beer should also be brewed at the dairy.

I bought this apple wheat beer on a 500 ml bottle 5,5% at the price of 6 Euro in a cheese shop in Odense, Denmark.

Yellow to orange hazy beer with a thick flowing feel to it.

Great big head with a massive foam and fine bubbles.

Aroma comes off with a hoppy sweet fruit and a tickle of apples.

Low CO2, hoppy, light bitterness and a little sweetness in the after taste. The idea of adding 20% apple raw juice to the brew works well compared to other beers with added fruit juices, but its wheat part is underplayed and comes off a little too hoppy.

Overall rating 74 / 100

Real Vinicola Vintage Port 1982


Real Vinicola has the longest continuous history of any of today’s producers of Duoro wines. Founded in 1889 under contract with the Portuguese government, it was entrusted with the task of selling wines from various regions in northern Portugal, including Duoro red wines and port wines.

They bought Quinta do Sibio in 1934 and has declared this as Single Quinta Vintage Port. Quinta do Sibio was known as Quinta do Jordão and was planted by Jose Joaquim Pereri Jordão in the 1860s and 1870s. The quinta was in the hands of the Jordão family until 1934 when Real Companhia Vinícola purchased it.

Real Vinicola was bought by Real Companhia Velha in 1963, but the quinta was still sold under the Real Vinicola label.

I bought this 750 ml bottle at 21% as part of a auction lot, this bottle was about 32 Euro.

It was decanted for 6 hours.

Light red see through with brown tones to the colour.

The aroma is dominated by the alcohol over a spiced dried fruits.

Tasting is warm, some tannin, a weak fruit and ends in the sweet end with a little peak of tannin.

By time the alcohol became less dominant and the taste was a bit more balanced, but not a great port.

Overall rating 85 / 100

Quinta De La Rosa Vintage Port 1990


The Bergqvist family has been making port since 1815. Quinta de Ia Rosa was given as a christening present for Claire Feuheerd, Sophia’s grandmother, in 1906. The family port shipping company, Feueheerd, was sold in the 1930s but La Rosa was kept and run by Sophia’s grandmother, Claire. In 1988 Sophia and her father, Tim Bergqvist, decided to restart the family business and launched Quinta de Ia Rosa as a top quality port producer onto the market place.


I have this 750 ml bottle at 20% from a auction lot. It is a rarely seen vintage year from Quinta De La Rosa.

2 hours in the decanter

Clear and light red colour with amber notes.

Aroma comes off with spices, warmth, dried fruits and they play between them is rather pleasant.

Tannin is strong and together with the alcohol it comes off rather hard in the start. It is more spiced than fruity and it is dry and fresh.


4 hours in the decanter

It has darkened up a little bit.

The aroma is much more fruitful.

Taste is the same and tannin is still dominating.

8 hours in the decanter

No difference from the above.


48 hours after decanting, on the bottle again

More fruit and some oak have started to shine through. Less tannin but it still comes off with a bite and the after taste is not overwhelming with dried fruits and sweetness.


I would say that it needs more than 8 hours in the decanter, the tannin are simply too rough and needs some more air to get the port to come better together. It is a very closed wine that needs some time and attention on when it is ready to drink.

I will save my last bottle of it for another 5 years and see how it is by then.

Overall rating 89 / 100