Warvik Vardes bryghus – Sankt Barbara

GS6A6082Warvik Vardes brewhouse was founded in 2004 and shares was sold one by one to everyone interested in owning a little part of the brewery and securing its future to stay in the town of Varde, Denmark.

I bought this witbier in a 500ml bottle at 5,1% in the wine shop Skjold Burne in Svendborg, Denmark at the price of 3,5 Euro.

A uniltered beer that is only lightly hazy and there are large pieces of sediment in the bottle.

Huge head with a real rough structure, leaves a fine layer behind.

Good sweet fruit in the aroma with a hint of hops.

Okay CO2, the fruit taste goes over in a more hoppy bitterness along with the light after taste.

Overall rating 74 / 100

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