Bøllingsø Bryghus – Hedehvede


Bøllingsø Bryghus was founded 11th June 2009 by Jørn Andersen, Steen Madsen, Lars Mogensen og Tom Pedersen. It is run as locally funded brewery through shares sold to people living in Engesvang, Denmark and about.

I bought this beer at the Salling store in Aarhus, Denmark at the price of 5,5 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 5,0%.

Light yellow and hazy unfiltered look to this beer.

A head that disappears just as fast as you can pour the beer into the glass.

Fresh flowers and a sweet fruit in the aroma.

Good CO2, delicious sweet fruit taste and very sweet in the after taste, a little peak of hops.

Overall rating 81 / 100

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