Indslev bryggeri – White IPA


Indslev brewery was established in 1897 by Frederik Christian Rasmussen. At some point the brewery was closed down, but in 2005 restored to former glory with brand new production equipment. The re-opening was made possible by Anders Busse Rasmussen, grand grand nephew of Frederik Christian Rasmussen.

I bought this bottled 6.5% 500 ml unfiltered wheat beer in a local super market in Odense, Denmark at the price of 4.5 Euro.

A good looking yellow beer.

Small head with a semi rough structure, a tiny fine top.

Sweet and heavily hoppy in the aroma.

Low CO2, bitterness, sweetness, ends off in a slight fruit and hops. Hides the high alcohol percentage very well.

Overall rating 73 /100

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