Trappist Westvleteren

The monastery Saint-Sixtus Abbey of Westvleteren is located in Westvleteren, Belgium.

In order to provide for their own necessities the monks of Westvlereren have been brewing beer since 1839. This is without any commercial aim and in order to support people who are in need. The brothers work together with some employees in the production process.

I got this trappist beer as a present, the glass bottle is a 330 ml size and has a alcohol content of 8%. Abdij. St. Sixtus 8640

Brown in the colour with very large pieces in the sediment.

Small head with a fine structure and top.

Soft, light and darker notes in the aroma, weak in its apperance.

Not exactly sour, but certainly with some acidity to it with first contact with the tongue, soft CO2, caramel notes with a slightly burned darkness to it, finishes off with a slight bitterness.

Overall rating 72 / 100

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