Privat-brauerei Zötler – Hefeweissen

The first mentions of the Zötler brewery dates back to 1447 and actually makes the brewery the oldest single family owned brewery in the world.

I bought this weissbier from a German webshop in Bayern as a part of a large lot, single price came down to 1,49 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 5,2%

Deep yellow in the colour of this unfiltered beer.

Medium sized rough structured head with a fine foam on the top.

Powerful aroma that has a balanced sweet fruit to it along with the wheat.

Good CO2, fruited, fresh, acidity, wheated and with a sweet after taste. Delicious composition, but not thick enough in the fabric to leaves a substantial print. Still a solid and good beer.

Overall rating 82 / 100

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