Flötzinger Bräu – Hefe-Weisse

Flötzinger brewery has roots back to 1543 in Rosenheim, Germany. The brewery sufferede great damages during many wars and plagues. In 1710 the brewery was owned by Georg Fletzinger from Ramerberg, Germany. Fletzinger is the name behind the Flötzinger brewery as it is known today. In 1864 the brewery is sold to Franz Steegmüller II and is to this day a private brewery owned and operated by the Steegmüller family.

I bought this beer from a German webshop at the price of 1,49 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 5,5%

Brown and muddy, a very hazy unfiltered beer.

Head is gone almost as fast as the beer is poured into the glass.

Medium strength sweet fruit aroma.

Big CO2 content, mostly wheat in the taste, not so sweet, slightly bitter in the after taste.

Overall rating 67 / 100

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