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How to record a chat.log in Dark Age of Camelot

Standard keyboard shortcut to start a chat.log recording in DAoC is CTRL+L.
Recording is started and stopped by pushing CTRL+L, or stops automatically when you log out of the game.

How to make a chat.log that can be used in this bestiary

- You must only log from a single zone, there must not be kills from different zones!
- You must be as close to the monster getting killed as possible, the kill message of the monster is important together with the exp line.
- Keep a distance to other groups to avoid their kills/loot drop getting in your log with a exp line.
- You must know how many players are in your group while logging, or know a average number if group size varied a little. Only 1-2 in vary is allowed.
- You must not be the lowest level in a group and only get capped experience from high level monsters / power level, this ruins monster level detection.
-- Please make sure to delve information for all dropped items. This is done by right-clicking item in inventory and then pressing SHIFT+I or click "Info"
-- Please include selling /appraisal of the dropped sell loot, gear and items in the logfile
-- Please include salvage of the dropped gear in the logfile

How to submit a chat.log to be included in this bestiary

Locate the chat.log file at C:\Users\''you username''\Documents\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\chat.log
Send your chat.log file to chatlog@disorder.dk
- Rename the "chat.log" file to number of players followed by zone name, f.ex. "8connacht.log".
Please structure the email like this:
Name: your username to be shown in contributions list, no name and it will be "Anonymous"
Link: a link to your website/youtube/whatever you want a link to
Realm: which realm is the chat.log from?
Zone: which zone is the chat.log from?
Group size/solo: are you solo? could be a known group size for the whole time or a average of the group size over time

Information security

All chat.log files will be tested, filtered and parsed properly before entering the database, it is not possible to inject malicious code.
All text from any chat (say/broad/group/guild/alliance/any chat) is deleted as the first thing and will never be saved in the database.

Data collection statistics

These tables can be used to get an idea of which zones or monsters to hunt, in order to gain enough data for statistics that gives a true
representation of how the monsters, drops and salvages work on the server.

Least explored zone (Alb)

RankZone nameMonsters killed
1Hadrians Wall427
2Tepoks Mine1092
3Black Mountains North1181
4Tomb of Mithra1184
5Black Mountains South1383
6Campacorentines Forest1601
7Keltoi Fogou1773
8Avalon Marsh1986
9Camelot Hills2605
10Pennine Mountains2733
11Catacombs of Cardova3373
12Forest Sauvage3526
14Salisbury Plains4508
16Llyn Barfog9603
18Stonehenge Barrows14980

Least explored zone (Hib)

RankZone nameMonsters killed
1Emain Macha1134
2Shannon Estuary1748
3Koalinth Tribal Caverns2934
4Valley of Bri Leith3030
5Silvermine Mountains3420
8Mount Collory3956
9Coruscating Mine4574
10Muire Tomb5010
11Treibh Caillte5646
12Spraggon Den6048
13Sheeroe Hills6231
14Bog of Cullen6522
15Lough Derg6775
16Lough Gur7448
17Cruachan Gorge8931
18Cliffs of Moher9259
19Cursed Forest9540

Least explored zone (Mid)

RankZone nameMonsters killed
1Odins Gate429
2Vendo Caverns887
3Vanern Swamp1294
5Jamtland Mountains1403
6Vale of Mularn1628
7Yggdra Forest1760
9Svealand East1910
10Svealand West1932
11Nisses Lair2130
12Cursed Tomb2274
13Skona Ravine2737
18Myrkwood Forest5811

Least explored zone (shared)

RankZone nameMonsters killed
3Marfach Caverns736
5Dodens Gruva818
6Summoners Hall1128
8Hall of the Corrupt2845
9Darkness Falls13196

Registred monster locations

RankZone nameLocations in database
1Avalon Marsh1794
2Lough Gur1302
3Camelot Hills1198
4Lough Derg1194
6Vale of Mularn1071
7Salisbury Plains1048
8Silvermine Mountains841
9Black Mountains South699
12Cliffs of Moher537
13Valley of Bri Leith391
14Llyn Barfog373
15Black Mountains North344
16Campacorentines Forest325
17Svealand East238
18Hadrians Wall226
19Cruachan Gorge215
20Cursed Forest205
21Shannon Estuary90
22Pennine Mountains61
25Svealand West15