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Zone: Lough Derg

A total of 6775 monsters were killed here in Lough Derg and that resulted in a total of 723 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 10.67%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
anger sprite1213aggressive250easy prey12 %6s 32c
annoying lucradan01aggressive570weak enemy12.28 %15c
badger910aggressive180170Boss-like10 %10s 31c
badger cub11neutral90not enough data0 %30c
barca1111aggressive360weak enemy0 %22c
Bertha1516aggressive160not enough data37.5 %
blackthorn810aggressive25854hard opponent0 %
Bristle1213neutral31not enough data0 %9s 86c
campkeeper1516aggressive450weak enemy6.67 %6s 32c
Clik99aggressive67not enough data0 %
clubmoss sheerie1213neutral774easy prey0 %
cluricaun trip89friendly108101Boss-like1.85 %72c
curmudgeon courier1617aggressive110not enough data0 %23c
curmudgeon crab-catcher1112aggressive7413hard opponent9.46 %78c
curmudgeon fighter1720aggressive17713easy prey7.34 %3s
curmudgeon harvester1011aggressive27277bring a group8.09 %73c
curmudgeon poacher1516aggressive724easy prey9.72 %5s 37c
curmudgeon skinner1212aggressive30not enough data0 %
curmudgeon trapper1212aggressive9530bring a group16.84 %3s 20c
Daewain77aggressive10not enough data0 %
derg monster66neutral102not enough data0 %50c
dergan courier1717aggressive81not enough data0 %1s 63c
dergan enchanter1313friendly3214bring a group0 %
dergan fury1415friendly6621bring a group4.55 %1s 80c
dergan tussler1415aggressive453easy prey0 %
dew sheerie1819aggressive656easy prey10.77 %38s 95c
dinner hog1415neutral642weak enemy0 %
Duana1515neutral70not enough data0 %5s 3c
Edan1414neutral120not enough data0 %
eirebug55neutral520weak enemy0 %45c
empyrean orb1111neutral140not enough data28.57 %8s 25c
feccan23neutral318bring a group16.13 %30c
feckless lucragan55aggressive2213Boss-like13.64 %22c
Fereinn191920not enough data0 %
fishing bear cub1213aggressive168not enough data0 %
fishing bear forager1415neutral7314hard opponent0 %3s 87c
forest servant1010friendly10not enough data0 %
ghostly siabra1213aggressive12011easy prey30.83 %7s 98c
grass sheerie1415aggressive200not enough data10 %3s 44c
hill toad78neutral5940Boss-like0 %1s 5c
Hughar1717aggressive141not enough data0 %
large eirebug1011neutral74not enough data0 %1s 97c
large frog11neutral91not enough data0 %39c
large red wolfhound1819neutral452easy prey0 %9s 50c
Lelly1414aggressive80not enough data0 %67c
lough wolf89neutral176190Boss-like0 %1s 47c
lough wolf cadger44neutral2720Boss-like0 %72c
lugradan whelp66aggressive4812bring a group27.08 %68c
lunantishee810aggressive1964378hard opponent17.82 %4s 38c
Macnol1717friendly65not enough data0 %1s 99c
minor changeling34neutral316hard opponent3.23 %
mist sheerie2121friendly182not enough data0 %
Morty1111aggressive53not enough data20 %35c
moss sheerie1112neutral9918hard opponent9.09 %1s 40c
mudman46neutral4023Boss-like12.5 %34c
Mystaia2022neutral40not enough data0 %
orchard nipper67aggressive3300weak enemy17.88 %56c
parthanan1720aggressive31743equal opponent11.04 %21s 75c
primrose1111neutral150not enough data13.33 %2s 56c
Prunar1010aggressive732weak enemy0 %81c
rat boy44aggressive3617bring a group19.44 %30c
red wolfhound1213neutral4921bring a group0 %61c
roane companion1213neutral6794Boss-like4.48 %2s 8c
roane maiden1414neutral7315hard opponent4.11 %1s 27c
rock sheerie1921aggressive1351weak enemy8.89 %5s 38c
rounder2223aggressive1022weak enemy0 %
rowdy77aggressive2020not enough data0 %20c
Satefe2021aggressive300weak enemy10 %13s 85c
singing curmudgeon1718aggressive190not enough data0 %
skeletal minion44neutral2813bring a group28.57 %83c
skeletal pawn23neutral807easy prey8.75 %17c
slough serpent45neutral230easy prey0 %18c
small freshwater crab55neutral40not enough data0 %
spraggon46neutral9882Boss-like5.1 %29c
spraggonite77aggressive105not enough data0 %61c
spraggonoll79aggressive16274bring a group16.67 %82c
Spykit44neutral30not enough data0 %
Straw77aggressive20not enough data0 %25c
Summoner44aggressive120not enough data0 %
Swiftfoot910neutral50not enough data60 %1s 43c
Tharl1920aggressive150not enough data0 %3s 60c
Ualtar1414neutral114not enough data0 %
villainous youth58aggressive90not enough data0 %
water beetle78neutral162321Boss-like0 %1s 40c
water beetle collector55neutral2653Boss-like0 %52c
water beetle larva23neutral90not enough data0 %13c
whistler1414friendly143not enough data0 %
wild crouch66aggressive4022Boss-like10 %48c
wild lucradan1010aggressive3999Boss-like2.56 %1s 4c
Wug1111neutral20not enough data0 %50c
young badger78aggressive102not enough data0 %