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Zone: Bog of Cullen

A total of 6522 monsters were killed here in Bog of Cullen and that resulted in a total of 553 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 8.48%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
alp luachra3132aggressive1660weak enemy6.02 %1g 53s 97c
amadan touched3030aggressive1920weak enemy7.81 %63s 84c
badh4446aggressive260weak enemy0 %60s 11c
banshee5760aggressive344equal opponent8.82 %76s 70c
black badger3638neutral2210weak enemy9.95 %3g 13s 48c
black wraith5354aggressive524easy prey7.69 %32c
bog crawler4747neutral220easy prey0 %95s 57c
bog creeper4142neutral490weak enemy0 %
bog frog4748neutral160not enough data0 %
bog worm3031neutral410weak enemy0 %25s 61c
cluricaun2526friendly171not enough data5.88 %29s 6c
corpan side3941aggressive2993weak enemy10.37 %2g 44s 4c
cronicorn6262aggressive1429Boss-like0 %
deamhan hound4143aggressive2923weak enemy9.59 %2g 29s 37c
Deniela5050neutral10not enough data0 %
detrital crab4243aggressive1261weak enemy0 %51s 27c
Dob5859aggressive52not enough data0 %1g
Donal5151neutral10not enough data0 %
eidolon5661aggressive70not enough data14.29 %56s 10c
Enan4444aggressive20not enough data0 %
far darrig4647aggressive930weak enemy9.68 %4g 18s 26c
far dorocha5055aggressive6726bring a group11.94 %19s 1c
fog wraith3132aggressive580weak enemy5.17 %1g 43s 10c
Geas Bound Protector4949aggressive140not enough data0 %
giant ant2425neutral140not enough data0 %6s 39c
greater dew sheerie4445aggressive21not enough data0 %
greater luch2526neutral70not enough data0 %8s 25c
Guardian Cahal6364103not enough data0 %
gurite assailer2526aggressive70not enough data14.29 %3g 16s 19c
gurite waylayer2627aggressive220easy prey9.09 %12s 88c
Ide5252neutral10not enough data0 %
irewood greenbark4042aggressive2250weak enemy8.44 %1g 47s 89c
irewood sapling2323aggressive290weak enemy3.45 %13s 92c
Jannet4949neutral10not enough data0 %
lesser banshee3738aggressive7132weak enemy10.24 %2g 95s 64c
lhiannan-sidhe4850aggressive121not enough data0 %
luch catcher2626aggressive380weak enemy13.16 %1g 92s 71c
Manius4949neutral10not enough data0 %
merman3637aggressive710weak enemy8.45 %93s 58c
mist imp404330not enough data0 %
morass leech4243aggressive2541weak enemy14.57 %
Muroi4040aggressive121not enough data8.33 %1g 13s 57c
Neese3939aggressive51not enough data0 %25s
pooka4059aggressive27not enough data0 %
Queen Cliodna656510not enough data100 %75s
raven wraith5362aggressive42147equal opponent9.5 %1s 67c
savage fishing bear5153aggressive369bring a group5.56 %1g 2s 78c
shrieking wraith4547aggressive211easy prey9.52 %
siabra archmagi5763aggressive15486Boss-like8.44 %51s 79c
siabra escort4748aggressive412easy prey0 %
siabra guardian5762aggressive538111hard opponent8.36 %3g 47s 20c
siabra lookout4647aggressive241easy prey4.17 %51s 68c
siabra mireguard3839aggressive7837weak enemy8.43 %2g 11s 50c
siabra raider3840aggressive4842weak enemy7.64 %2g 58s 96c
siabra seeker3131aggressive1071weak enemy8.41 %55s 81c
siabra venator4547aggressive760weak enemy0 %1g 6s 59c
siabra waterwalker5051aggressive15910easy prey7.55 %1g 20s 73c
siabra wayguard4243aggressive39616easy prey11.36 %1g 86s 62c
supernatural stallion4546aggressive32not enough data0 %
swamp hopper4345neutral340weak enemy0 %