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Zone: Darkness Falls

A total of 13196 monsters were killed here in Darkness Falls and that resulted in a total of 13923 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 105.51%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Abdin's Rage6060aggressive100not enough data0 %
Ambassador Mannam6464aggressive40not enough data0 %
apprentice necyomancer2123aggressive1740weak enemy59.77 %
Archivist Borath4141aggressive110not enough data563.64 %
avernal quasit3234aggressive1990weak enemy132.66 %
Baln Fanatic2729130not enough data0 %
Beliathan5858aggressive133Boss-like300 %
Caisha5151aggressive20not enough data0 %
cambion4851aggressive194157Boss-like101.55 %
Chamberlain7070aggressive155not enough data313.33 %
chaosian3748aggressive25317easy prey113.04 %
chthonian crawler5457aggressive18675bring a group91.94 %
Chthonic Knight Absax6767aggressive61not enough data300 %
Chthonic Knight Aciel6061aggressive203not enough data0 %
Chthonic Knight Ain5959aggressive193not enough data0 %
Chthonic Knight Azea6565aggressive60not enough data266.67 %
Chthonic Knight Babyzu5961aggressive222easy prey90.91 %
Chthonic Knight Carnivon6060aggressive60not enough data0 %
Chthonic Knight Exal5659aggressive141not enough data0 %
Chthonic Knight Exte5861aggressive392easy prey89.74 %
Chthonic Knight Ezpeth616150not enough data120 %
Chthonic Knight Fonath6768aggressive187not enough data216.67 %
Chthonic Knight Gaapoler6767aggressive90not enough data333.33 %
Chthonic Knight Haag6767aggressive82not enough data225 %
Chthonic Knight Ibeko5859aggressive310weak enemy80.65 %
Chthonic Knight Marbos6262aggressive150not enough data160 %
Chthonic Knight Obarus5758aggressive230easy prey86.96 %
Chthonic Knight Olov6465aggressive164not enough data300 %
Chthonic Knight Prosel5960aggressive154not enough data0 %
Chthonic Knight Ronoro6464aggressive70not enough data157.14 %
Chthonic Knight Tamuel6868aggressive173not enough data211.76 %
Chthonic Knight Ukobat6262aggressive811not enough data175 %
Chthonic Knight Vosoes6666aggressive90not enough data344.44 %
Chthonic Knight Zaeber6264aggressive160not enough data106.25 %
Chthonic Knight Zafan6162aggressive140not enough data0 %
Chthonic Knight Zagal6666aggressive60not enough data400 %
Commander Abgar6161aggressive50not enough data480 %
condemned necyomancer4648aggressive893weak enemy50.56 %
cursed necyomancer4044aggressive23414easy prey50.43 %
deamhaness3235aggressive348115bring a group91.38 %
demoniac familiar2933aggressive385150bring a group28.57 %
Director Kobil4652aggressive2619Boss-like84.62 %
Duke Alloc626210not enough data300 %
Duke Aypol595910not enough data0 %
Duke Bimure6868aggressive60not enough data0 %
Duke Eligar6768aggressive110not enough data354.55 %
Duke Felzhul6667aggressive1619not enough data331.25 %
Duke Harboris6969aggressive30not enough data300 %
Duke Sallis6868aggressive50not enough data260 %
Duke Satori6566aggressive120not enough data241.67 %
Duke Zepor6868aggressive60not enough data266.67 %
Earl Amagin6465aggressive1920not enough data100 %
Earl Fenex6262aggressive40not enough data300 %
Earl Glassalab6363aggressive100not enough data330 %
Earl Ipostian6868aggressive73not enough data100 %
Earl Mercur6565aggressive50not enough data260 %
Earl Mermer6565aggressive125not enough data250 %
Earl Oraxus6363aggressive60not enough data250 %
Earl Vone6264aggressive161not enough data250 %
essence shredder4852aggressive3770weak enemy99.47 %
Etho404010not enough data0 %
experienced necyomancer3436aggressive1980weak enemy185.86 %
Field Marshal Nebir6060aggressive57not enough data200 %
Gatekeeper Dommel4748aggressive80not enough data637.5 %
Grand Chancellor Adremal6868aggressive1013not enough data780 %
greater earth spirit565620not enough data0 %
High Lord Baelerdoth7070aggressive31not enough data300 %
High Lord Baln585810not enough data400 %
High Lord Oro5264aggressive30not enough data100 %
High Lord Saeor6969aggressive60not enough data300 %
Inquisitor Asil6060aggressive150not enough data246.67 %
Inquisitor Bor6161aggressive61not enough data283.33 %
Inquisitor Eciraum5555aggressive140not enough data157.14 %
Inquisitor Factol6161aggressive41not enough data300 %
Inquisitor Famuel6465aggressive1618not enough data175 %
Inquisitor Hadis5858aggressive180not enough data188.89 %
Inquisitor Haimir5959aggressive82not enough data0 %
Inquisitor Hellos5860aggressive222easy prey0 %
Inquisitor Irawn5657aggressive242easy prey100 %
Inquisitor Kireasil6668aggressive1927Boss-like273.68 %
Inquisitor Lokis5658aggressive334equal opponent96.97 %
Inquisitor Medebo5860aggressive384equal opponent86.84 %
Inquisitor Morg5659aggressive270weak enemy88.89 %
Inquisitor Morrian5657aggressive141not enough data0 %
Inquisitor Mucifen5858aggressive170not enough data200 %
Inquisitor Nej5962aggressive143not enough data157.14 %
Inquisitor Nifil5757aggressive171not enough data135.29 %
Inquisitor Niloc5959aggressive142not enough data235.71 %
Inquisitor Tlaw6464aggressive43not enough data450 %
Inquisitor Yonzael6466aggressive1311not enough data246.15 %
Inquisitor Yor6262aggressive137not enough data146.15 %
Inquisitor Zaviben6266aggressive2813bring a group382.14 %
Inquisitor Zazinol6565aggressive122not enough data316.67 %
Lecherous Gress3337aggressive30not enough data600 %
Legion6767aggressive6130Boss-like2850 %
legion slaves4345aggressive120not enough data0 %
Lieutenant Gargantan6265aggressive53not enough data200 %
Lieutenant Loran616130not enough data66.67 %
Lieutenant Persun505010not enough data200 %
lilispawn3033aggressive867176hard opponent82.12 %
mahr5155aggressive9935bring a group98.99 %
Malroch the Cook4343aggressive20not enough data500 %
Marquis Almen6767aggressive60not enough data383.33 %
Marquis Chaosmar505010not enough data300 %
Marquis Dortaleon5368aggressive20not enough data400 %
Marquis Focalleste6767aggressive30not enough data300 %
Marquis Sabonach6565aggressive60not enough data366.67 %
Marquis Scottiax6363aggressive50not enough data300 %
Marquis Valupa6262aggressive90not enough data244.44 %
molochian tempter3440aggressive1465100easy prey41.16 %
Mutilator Axa'al6363aggressive63not enough data200 %
Mutilator Axalnam5457aggressive41not enough data375 %
Mutilator Axtanax5658aggressive270weak enemy100 %
Mutilator Konapher6567aggressive1914not enough data284.21 %
Mutilator Laicanroth5557aggressive181not enough data83.33 %
Mutilator Lazorous5656aggressive50not enough data100 %
Mutilator Marbozer5757aggressive30not enough data266.67 %
Mutilator Nianax5456aggressive182not enough data100 %
Mutilator Novinrac5757aggressive50not enough data80 %
Mutilator Okabi5659aggressive367hard opponent102.78 %
Mutilator Oprionach6667aggressive150not enough data240 %
Mutilator Oronor6464aggressive30not enough data166.67 %
Mutilator Phaxazis6464aggressive32not enough data266.67 %
Mutilator Samiol6264aggressive156not enough data513.33 %
Mutilator Taboku6464aggressive20not enough data200 %
Mutilator Uxybab5656aggressive271weak enemy92.59 %
Mutilator Vorazax6161aggressive72not enough data171.43 %
Mutilator Vozoaz6464aggressive112not enough data272.73 %
Mutilator Xaabaro5962aggressive70not enough data157.14 %
Mutilator Xagalith5959aggressive85not enough data200 %
Mutilator Xakanos5657aggressive173not enough data182.35 %
Mutilator Xazbalor6060aggressive50not enough data220 %
Mutilator Yooginroth6363aggressive20not enough data400 %
Mutilator Zurabo5355aggressive300weak enemy100 %
naburite drinker3945aggressive1527276hard opponent86.51 %
necyomancer3233aggressive5820bring a group110.34 %
nightmare5459aggressive190125Boss-like104.21 %
pale guardian5463aggressive18593Boss-like288.65 %
plated fiend2427aggressive1636346hard opponent60.27 %
Prince Abdin6868aggressive112not enough data300 %
Prince Asmoien6868aggressive1012not enough data310 %
Prince Ba'alorien6868aggressive122not enough data358.33 %
rocot3538aggressive722163hard opponent169.25 %
rotting maggot363620not enough data0 %
soultorn albion eagle knight3839aggressive4412bring a group172.73 %
soultorn albion grove protector3536aggressive90not enough data0 %
soultorn albion gryphon knight3637aggressive481weak enemy125 %
soultorn albion guardian2828aggressive72not enough data142.86 %
soultorn albion myrmidon3335aggressive496equal opponent122.45 %
soultorn albion pheonix knight4041aggressive721weak enemy155.56 %
soultorn albion protector2626aggressive160not enough data62.5 %
soultorn albion unicorn knight3942aggressive171not enough data17.65 %
soultorn albion warder333310not enough data0 %
soultorn hibernian brehon3435aggressive8713equal opponent112.64 %
soultorn hibernian cosantoir3334aggressive30not enough data0 %
soultorn hibernian gilded spear4244aggressive184not enough data50 %
soultorn hibernian grove protector3838aggressive70not enough data171.43 %
soultorn hibernian raven ardent4142aggressive8421bring a group180.95 %
soultorn hibernian silver hand3941aggressive582weak enemy41.38 %
soultorn hibernian thunderer4141aggressive51not enough data20 %
soultorn hibernian wayfarer2526aggressive130not enough data0 %
soultorn hibernian wayfayer2526aggressive220easy prey0 %
soultorn norse einherjar4145aggressive297hard opponent44.83 %
soultorn norse elding herra4343aggressive141not enough data50 %
soultorn norse elding vakten3839aggressive151not enough data106.67 %
soultorn norse flammen herra3941friendly638equal opponent39.68 %
soultorn norse flammen vakten3334aggressive435equal opponent153.49 %
soultorn norse isen herra3940aggressive640weak enemy175 %
soultorn norse isen vakten3132aggressive110not enough data72.73 %
soultorn norse skiltvakten3132aggressive113not enough data36.36 %
soultorn norse stormur vakten3637aggressive347hard opponent188.24 %
soultorn norse vakten2526aggressive170not enough data58.82 %
succubus5055aggressive20971bring a group96.17 %
supreme earth spirit4757friendly30not enough data0 %
tormented necyomancer4852aggressive6014hard opponent53.33 %
umbral aegis4858aggressive2110weak enemy93.36 %
umbral hulk6566aggressive8900weak enemy183.82 %
umbrood warrior4652aggressive900weak enemy103.33 %
worm breed4954aggressive2421Boss-like0 %
young necyomancer2526aggressive633easy prey98.41 %