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Zone: Shannon Estuary

A total of 1748 monsters were killed here in Shannon Estuary and that resulted in a total of 91 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 5.21%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Airmid1718neutral20not enough data0 %
annoying lucradan01aggressive100not enough data0 %13c
Aod1717aggressive100not enough data0 %
Arracht4040aggressive30not enough data0 %
badger cub11neutral32not enough data0 %32c
beach rat23neutral137not enough data0 %
Blue Bilk2627aggressive220easy prey0 %5s 68c
bodachan sabhaill45neutral649equal opponent7.81 %33c
Caeoimhin99neutral10not enough data0 %
Caora1111aggressive10not enough data0 %2s 70c
Caoranach79aggressive131not enough data0 %1s 38c
Ciar89neutral50not enough data0 %
cluricaun2626neutral10not enough data0 %14s
cluricaun trip99neutral10not enough data0 %52c
curmudgeon fighter2323aggressive10not enough data0 %6s 53c
Danderpaw2929aggressive20not enough data0 %
Driscol1111neutral50not enough data0 %
Eoin1111neutral40not enough data0 %
eriu fiscere1415aggressive480weak enemy0 %
eriu henter2122aggressive230easy prey0 %
eriu kedger1718aggressive120not enough data16.67 %
eriu waylayer2727aggressive70not enough data0 %86c
far liath3132aggressive230easy prey0 %18s 93c
feccan45neutral193not enough data10.53 %17c
feckless lucragan55aggressive1213not enough data16.67 %26c
Flann1111neutral60not enough data0 %
giant ant2324neutral651weak enemy0 %3s 26c
Hagan1111neutral50not enough data0 %
haunted driftwood22neutral195not enough data0 %17c
hill toad66neutral162not enough data0 %96c
ire wolf2527aggressive310weak enemy0 %14s 66c
Islene1010neutral10not enough data0 %
kaen kedger2020aggressive140not enough data7.14 %
Keena1111neutral20not enough data0 %
Kellen1010neutral50not enough data0 %
large frog11neutral64not enough data0 %49c
lesser zephyr2324neutral360weak enemy0 %3s 47c
Lethe99neutral30not enough data0 %
Lucan77neutral20not enough data0 %
lugradan whelp55aggressive84not enough data25 %53c
lunantishee89aggressive640weak enemy10.94 %2s 18c
Lunn1011neutral40not enough data0 %
Mella1111neutral61not enough data0 %
merman2426neutral1730weak enemy9.83 %1g 48s 48c
moss sheerie911aggressive390weak enemy23.08 %7s 82c
mudman34neutral12421hard opponent0 %25c
Muir2626neutral50not enough data0 %
Nasco2828aggressive50not enough data0 %14s 86c
ollipheist3639aggressive210easy prey9.52 %
Osier2020aggressive320weak enemy0 %
rat boy44aggressive359bring a group17.14 %28c
rowdy66aggressive10038bring a group0 %18c
sand crab13neutral311weak enemy0 %
sandman34neutral2623Boss-like19.23 %15c
siabra seeker3030aggressive80not enough data0 %5s 74c
skeletal minion44neutral182not enough data27.78 %63c
skeletal pawn33neutral248bring a group8.33 %26c
small walking rock34neutral50not enough data0 %
spectral wickerman1617aggressive2090weak enemy8.13 %
spraggon45neutral4334Boss-like16.28 %39c
spraggonite77aggressive172not enough data0 %62c
srandamar2121aggressive10not enough data0 %
villainous youth45aggressive3031Boss-like0 %
water badger2222aggressive835easy prey0 %8s 81c
water beetle78neutral8210equal opponent0 %1s 47c
water beetle collector55neutral162not enough data0 %53c
Weldo77neutral10not enough data0 %
wiggle worm01neutral222easy prey0 %16c