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Zone: Pennine Mountains

A total of 2733 monsters were killed here in Pennine Mountains and that resulted in a total of 253 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 9.26%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
angry bwca5051aggressive200not enough data30 %1g 74s 81c
Ash4848aggressive20not enough data0 %
barguest5454aggressive10not enough data0 %
Belgrik5556aggressive70not enough data28.57 %
Blue Man5555aggressive10not enough data100 %
boggart4950aggressive930weak enemy21.51 %86s 73c
brown drakeling3839neutral170not enough data11.76 %3g 28s 77c
Champion Elbaennon6060aggressive32not enough data0 %44s
Champion Merendon595910not enough data0 %30s
cliff crawler4749neutral310weak enemy12.9 %
cockatrice4444aggressive450weak enemy0 %10s 4c
Corryn5050neutral31not enough data0 %40s 48c
cyhraeth5051aggressive53110weak enemy15.44 %1g 57s 24c
Delfina5353aggressive10not enough data0 %10s
Eildon525210not enough data0 %
Eli Twigg5151aggressive30not enough data0 %
Ellyll champion5555aggressive30not enough data0 %60s 29c
Ellyll froglord5556aggressive30not enough data0 %58s 43c
Ellyll guard5153aggressive550weak enemy18.18 %4g 36s 44c
Ellyll sage5556aggressive330weak enemy18.18 %88s 89c
Ellyll seer5959aggressive20not enough data0 %17s
Ellyll villager4751aggressive490weak enemy16.33 %3g 69s 26c
Ellyll windchaser4951friendly360weak enemy8.33 %2g 19s 98c
fiery fiend4950neutral100not enough data0 %12s 33c
freybug3840aggressive320weak enemy3.13 %1g 9s 54c
gnarled fellwood4851aggressive1560weak enemy3.85 %1g 6s 63c
great boar4343neutral120not enough data0 %
great brown drake5456aggressive90not enough data0 %
grimwood5355friendly1790weak enemy6.15 %
grimwood keeper4951friendly250easy prey8 %71s 17c
gytrash3842aggressive2491weak enemy5.22 %89s 59c
Hawthorn5758aggressive110not enough data9.09 %
hill scrag3940aggressive1310weak enemy12.21 %69s 26c
hoary worm5657aggressive390weak enemy5.13 %
hollow man4545aggressive30not enough data0 %9s 33c
Hwch Ddu Gota4949aggressive11not enough data0 %
isolationist armsman5152friendly310weak enemy19.35 %
isolationist cleric4445friendly110not enough data27.27 %3g 4s 85c
isolationist courier4949friendly40not enough data0 %
isolationist mercenary4949friendly10not enough data0 %
isolationist paladin5253friendly180not enough data0 %8s 63c
isolationist scout5051friendly90not enough data22.22 %31s 23c
isolationist sorcerer4343friendly70not enough data0 %83s 62c
isolationist wizardess4747friendly100not enough data10 %
knotted fellwood4749aggressive3353weak enemy5.37 %1g 84s 8c
large rock bounder4949aggressive180not enough data5.56 %1g 1s 94c
mountain grim3839aggressive460weak enemy6.52 %38s 47c
padfoot5151aggressive60not enough data16.67 %12g 57s 53c
ravenclan giant5355aggressive1902weak enemy15.26 %5g 65s 31c
rock giant hunter6161aggressive80not enough data37.5 %84s 42c
rock giant shaman5859aggressive70not enough data0 %
rock giant wizard6161aggressive61not enough data0 %
Saffron4747aggressive10not enough data0 %
shadowhunter4546aggressive40not enough data0 %35s
shadowhunter she-wolf4949aggressive20not enough data50 %72s 50c
Treefall5253friendly140not enough data7.14 %61s 78c
tylwyth teg huntress4648friendly830weak enemy1.2 %16s 56c
Tylwyth Teg ranger5050friendly30not enough data0 %3s 33c
tylwyth teg rover4547friendly380weak enemy5.26 %47s 28c
western basilisk5253aggressive470weak enemy12.77 %1g 69s 46c
wild great boar4748aggressive110not enough data9.09 %
worm4546neutral220easy prey9.09 %
young brown drake4646aggressive32not enough data0 %