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Zone: Yggdra Forest

A total of 1760 monsters were killed here in Yggdra Forest and that resulted in a total of 115 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 6.53%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
abominable snowman3233aggressive110not enough data0 %
block of ice4041neutral130not enough data0 %
bone-eater clanmother4747aggressive20not enough data0 %
bone-eater eviscerater4344aggressive80not enough data0 %32s 72c
bone-eater oracle4042aggressive1431weak enemy6.29 %39s 1c
bone-eater slayer4041aggressive570weak enemy5.26 %13s 68c
bone-eater spine-ripper4041aggressive200not enough data0 %7s 77c
boreal cockatrice2525aggressive10not enough data0 %
chiseler2223neutral20not enough data50 %
cold light2222neutral10not enough data0 %
Coldfeet3737aggressive20not enough data0 %
fenrir shredder5051aggressive60not enough data0 %
fenrir snowscout4142aggressive460weak enemy0 %8s 74c
fenrir tracker4648aggressive820weak enemy7.32 %2g 59s 8c
flurry242410not enough data0 %
frost giant4142aggressive2201weak enemy10.91 %47s 91c
frost hound3233aggressive30not enough data0 %
frost orm4343aggressive10not enough data0 %
frostbite wildling3131neutral40not enough data0 %
frosty colt2122neutral20not enough data50 %
frosty scuttlebug2424neutral10not enough data0 %
gelid mass4444neutral10not enough data0 %
ghastly Albion invader4849aggressive670weak enemy8.96 %1g 35s 83c
ghostly Hibernian invader4545aggressive160not enough data6.25 %
giant snowcrab393910not enough data0 %
great lynx4444neutral110not enough data9.09 %6s 82c
hailer3131aggressive10not enough data100 %
hailstone2424neutral10not enough data0 %
ice creature4545neutral200not enough data5 %
ice giant3940aggressive60not enough data16.67 %
ice lizard3838neutral20not enough data0 %
ice scrag3536aggressive130not enough data0 %12s 27c
icemuncher3131neutral10not enough data0 %
icestrider chiller5050aggressive60not enough data0 %
icy wisp3334neutral30not enough data0 %
isalf abider3838friendly10not enough data0 %
isalf forayer5050aggressive40not enough data0 %
isalf icemage424210not enough data0 %
isalf scryer3940friendly30not enough data0 %28s 45c
isalf snowtracker4344friendly20not enough data0 %
miserable zombie3535aggressive50not enough data20 %4g 57s 57c
nip mephit2424aggressive20not enough data0 %
nordic yeti3840aggressive130not enough data0 %5s 85c
northern ettin3030aggressive10not enough data0 %
northern light3333neutral10not enough data0 %
shard golem4748aggressive1242weak enemy8.06 %2g 65s 55c
shivering presence3737aggressive71not enough data0 %21s 86c
snow giant4041aggressive50not enough data0 %
snow imp2222aggressive20not enough data50 %
snowshoe bandit4141aggressive20not enough data0 %
Soulsong4647aggressive431weak enemy4.65 %1g 16s 98c
taiga cat3838neutral10not enough data0 %
thawing corpse3335aggressive40not enough data0 %13s 7c
torpor worm4142aggressive360weak enemy2.78 %
Ulfgar4849aggressive290weak enemy0 %
white wolf3034neutral220easy prey0 %90s 80c
wintery dirge4345aggressive6331weak enemy6.64 %1g 13s 66c
wyvern4141aggressive422easy prey19.05 %10s 71c
young wyvern3636aggressive20not enough data0 %