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Zone: Svealand East

A total of 1910 monsters were killed here in Svealand East and that resulted in a total of 197 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 10.31%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
army ant soldier99aggressive130not enough data0 %82c
army ant worker77neutral600weak enemy0 %56c
black mauler juvenile66neutral311weak enemy0 %31c
Breeze88aggressive30not enough data33.33 %
Brut88aggressive130not enough data0 %
Darksong1011aggressive50not enough data0 %
dwarf bone skeleton66aggressive10not enough data0 %20c
Edigo1111aggressive51not enough data0 %
Envy Drake Dorga88aggressive21not enough data0 %
envy drakeling99aggressive1680weak enemy10.71 %
escaped thrall44aggressive430weak enemy16.28 %5c
Frigol1010aggressive40not enough data0 %
Gib44aggressive71not enough data0 %
green serpent33neutral124not enough data0 %8c
harvestman44neutral145not enough data0 %
Jabrylla89aggressive101not enough data0 %
Klippa99aggressive22not enough data0 %
little water goblin33aggressive360weak enemy13.89 %25c
lupine gnawer13neutral90not enough data0 %
lupine snarler33neutral110not enough data0 %
Morra77aggressive53not enough data0 %
Mourn88aggressive90not enough data22.22 %
mud snake11neutral62not enough data0 %24c
nordic dirge78aggressive11910easy prey16.81 %40c
Olag141410not enough data0 %
Orgul66neutral110not enough data0 %
phantom hound44aggressive80not enough data12.5 %17c
Queen Major1111aggressive10not enough data0 %1s 40c
rattling skeleton22aggressive381weak enemy18.42 %12c
roaming dirge99aggressive710weak enemy16.9 %1s 4c
roaming thrall89aggressive14714easy prey4.76 %
rock crab89aggressive10628bring a group0 %1s 10c
rugged dwarven pony55neutral281weak enemy0 %51c
Scrip33aggressive80not enough data0 %
silverscale drakeling910aggressive2957weak enemy20.68 %1s 70c
Skeletal Orgul66aggressive83not enough data0 %
Smack1113aggressive120not enough data0 %
smiera-gatto55aggressive4310hard opponent0 %
soft-shelled crab22neutral150not enough data0 %6c
spindly rock crab1010aggressive5824bring a group3.45 %5s 72c
Svartmoln77aggressive30not enough data0 %
sveawolf44aggressive20not enough data0 %
sveawolf cub11aggressive70not enough data0 %
sveawolf mother66aggressive44not enough data0 %77c
sveawolf prowler89aggressive82not enough data0 %77c
tawny lynx cub11neutral90not enough data0 %7c
tomte aggressor1111aggressive5211hard opponent0 %8c
tomte cutthroat99aggressive581weak enemy10.34 %51c
tomte lookout1717aggressive11not enough data0 %
tomte pillager99aggressive740weak enemy17.57 %
tomte plunderer1111aggressive142not enough data0 %
tomte runner1111aggressive11not enough data0 %
tomte scavenger66aggressive130not enough data0 %2s 28c
tomte skirmisher78aggressive916easy prey24.18 %21c
tomte thug66aggressive334equal opponent21.21 %
vein spiderling11neutral101not enough data0 %7c
water strider22neutral50not enough data0 %17c
whirlwind77aggressive20not enough data0 %
wildling11aggressive622weak enemy9.68 %8c
wood-eater hunter66neutral20not enough data0 %
young lynx33neutral107not enough data0 %16c
young sveawolf22aggressive110not enough data0 %