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Zone: Myrkwood Forest

A total of 5811 monsters were killed here in Myrkwood Forest and that resulted in a total of 378 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 6.5%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
arachite greensilk66aggressive160not enough data0 %39c
arachite hatchling22aggressive240easy prey8.33 %
arachite priest1617aggressive2310weak enemy7.79 %11s 12c
arachite shadowslinker1416aggressive2520weak enemy7.14 %16s 50c
arachite weblasher1617aggressive580weak enemy12.07 %7s 38c
arachite youngling1112friendly80not enough data0 %2s 78c
Arakane1212aggressive10not enough data0 %
Baron Falwur2122aggressive123not enough data0 %2s 58c
black mauler cub11neutral100not enough data0 %5c
black mauler juvenile66neutral142not enough data0 %18c
Black Rixtas1717aggressive32not enough data0 %
brittle skeleton11neutral210easy prey14.29 %2c
carrion crawler910neutral112not enough data0 %52c
carrion eater88neutral161not enough data0 %79c
carrion lizard44neutral21not enough data0 %47c
corpse eater1313neutral386hard opponent0 %
dark hound1718aggressive250easy prey0 %5s 5c
death spider1919aggressive4424Boss-like0 %6s 53c
decaying norseman1212aggressive213equal opponent0 %3s 52c
decaying troll1011aggressive344equal opponent0 %49c
Dreadkane Dwarfeater2020aggressive10not enough data0 %6s 65c
entrancing dirge2122aggressive640weak enemy10.94 %
envy drakeling1010aggressive2250weak enemy8.44 %
Fasolt2121aggressive90not enough data0 %7s 50c
fragile skeleton44aggressive500weak enemy28 %13c
ghost light88neutral453easy prey0 %66c
giant bull frog22neutral281weak enemy0 %25c
giant tree frog2324neutral20not enough data0 %6s 75c
gray worg1113aggressive3060Boss-like0 %2s 10c
great tingler1618aggressive32039equal opponent3.44 %6s 56c
Great Worg1919aggressive83not enough data0 %
green serpent33neutral210easy prey0 %11c
haunt88aggressive334equal opponent9.09 %20s 41c
hobgoblin fish-catcher11aggressive230easy prey8.7 %8c
hobgoblin pincher55aggressive85not enough data12.5 %20c
hobgoblin snagger33neutral393easy prey10.26 %18c
hobgoblin snake-finder22aggressive370weak enemy8.11 %11c
hog-nose slither11neutral290weak enemy0 %10c
Joseph Damr1516aggressive350weak enemy0 %
Korban202011not enough data0 %
Kullervo's Guardian4748neutral320not enough data0 %
large fangfish2122aggressive90not enough data11.11 %
Lieutenant Salurn2020aggressive20not enough data0 %
Lone Weeping Willow1313aggressive31not enough data0 %
lupine gnawer33neutral241easy prey0 %
lupine snarler33neutral233equal opponent0 %
minor werewolf noble1921aggressive34520easy prey10.43 %16s 13c
mora dancer1415aggressive12321hard opponent6.5 %4s 95c
mora rider1516aggressive4110hard opponent0 %2s 94c
Morana1919aggressive20not enough data0 %
myrkcat44neutral290weak enemy0 %
Niswen2121neutral80not enough data0 %
Njessi2626aggressive31not enough data0 %6s 60c
Ove Alfevson2222aggressive102not enough data0 %10s 60c
pine imp77neutral122not enough data0 %58c
Ralsen1717aggressive90not enough data0 %
Red Dagger1616aggressive6312hard opponent0 %38s 95c
ridgeback worg1313aggressive3218Boss-like0 %1s 46c
roaming dirge99aggressive301weak enemy16.67 %90c
Salix1515aggressive100not enough data0 %
sapherd66neutral122not enough data0 %32c
scavenger22neutral271weak enemy0 %20c
shadow1011aggressive385equal opponent13.16 %1s
sharpfang worg1415aggressive311weak enemy0 %3s 66c
shrieking willow1820aggressive57640easy prey9.2 %38s 49c
skogsfru151510not enough data0 %5s 58c
soul sinker1717aggressive579hard opponent12.28 %4s 81c
spectral bayer1414aggressive332easy prey0 %49c
spectral hog33aggressive270weak enemy0 %10c
spook77aggressive196not enough data0 %
Su'Valkur1818neutral112not enough data0 %
svartalf1112aggressive280weak enemy0 %
svartalf chanter1415neutral171not enough data0 %4s 86c
svartalf hunter1515neutral310weak enemy9.68 %31s 12c
svartalf outcast810neutral810weak enemy11.11 %
svartalf predator1717neutral444easy prey6.82 %6s 25c
svartalf sorcerer1516neutral370weak enemy0 %1s 21c
svartalf watcher1313neutral2812bring a group0 %58c
svartskogsfru1819aggressive572weak enemy0 %6s 72c
Taldos1313neutral21not enough data0 %
Taldos' companion1212neutral70not enough data0 %
tawny lynx99aggressive414easy prey0 %1s 12c
tawny lynx cub11neutral320weak enemy0 %10c
Te'Delna1919neutral30not enough data0 %83c
Tikixis77aggressive10not enough data0 %
tingler1314aggressive16976bring a group0 %7s 23c
tingler webmother2222friendly10not enough data0 %
undead armswoman1414aggressive120not enough data0 %
undead explorer44aggressive250easy prey0 %4c
undead woodcarver55aggressive200not enough data0 %
venomspitter1212aggressive2853Boss-like0 %2s 74c
wayward ghoul55aggressive300weak enemy16.67 %12c
weeping willow1213aggressive1328126easy prey8.81 %7s 41c
werewolf1718aggressive16921equal opponent7.69 %16s 50c
Werewolf Collector2122neutral31not enough data0 %
werewolf pup1011aggressive1410not enough data0 %
werewolf runner2222aggressive30not enough data0 %9s 50c
wild hog33neutral241easy prey0 %30c
wind wisp1010neutral9414equal opponent0 %1s 19c
wood imp66aggressive151not enough data6.67 %67c
Yip55neutral10not enough data0 %
young envy drake2124aggressive40not enough data0 %8s 34c