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Zone: Svealand West

A total of 1932 monsters were killed here in Svealand West and that resulted in a total of 140 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 7.25%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
army ant worker88neutral20not enough data0 %60c
black mauler1313aggressive699equal opponent11.59 %1s 75c
blodfelag captive1112neutral140not enough data0 %
blodfelag dreng1415aggressive946easy prey12.77 %10s 6c
blodfelag haxa1920aggressive456equal opponent8.89 %2s 9c
blodfelag henchman1314aggressive332easy prey12.12 %1s 54c
blodfelag livvakt2021aggressive310weak enemy3.23 %14s 71c
blodfelag oathbreaker1111aggressive1032weak enemy8.74 %24c
blodfelag partisan1414aggressive632weak enemy14.29 %1s 74c
blodfelag soothsayer1414aggressive30not enough data0 %
blodfelag svard1618neutral1144weak enemy7.89 %3s 54c
blodfelag thralldriver1515aggressive80not enough data25 %
blodfelag tormentor1920aggressive90not enough data0 %18s 75c
blodfelag warhound1111aggressive132not enough data0 %2s 25c
blodfelag windcaller1718aggressive1390weak enemy8.63 %15s 89c
Blodfelag WolfSlayer1818neutral20not enough data0 %
blodfelag wolfwarrior1819aggressive18410easy prey10.87 %9s 98c
bloodthirsty she-wolf1313aggressive121not enough data0 %2s 41c
Chaes1616aggressive40not enough data0 %3s 14c
drifting spirit1414aggressive180not enough data0 %39c
follower of Loki1212neutral40not enough data0 %
Fridgeir Gestsson2424aggressive51not enough data0 %12s 50c
frothing sveawolf1920aggressive180not enough data0 %4s 13c
giant lemer2222aggressive20not enough data0 %
Golga1717aggressive30not enough data0 %
grass cat1212neutral550weak enemy0 %
grass viper1414aggressive477equal opponent0 %
grizzled sveawolf1414aggressive140not enough data0 %59c
Kelda1717aggressive31not enough data0 %
Konung Botolf Redhands2323aggressive71not enough data0 %
Konung's warhound2021aggressive61not enough data0 %
lake serpent1112neutral230easy prey0 %
large sveawolf1212aggressive594easy prey0 %1s 47c
lemer1616aggressive20not enough data0 %
mindless thrall1111aggressive580weak enemy0 %1s 9c
minor fideal1617neutral231easy prey21.74 %12s 62c
Modervarg1414aggressive10not enough data0 %
Old Smoke1616aggressive141not enough data0 %
Pawper1919aggressive10not enough data0 %
phantom wolf1819aggressive271weak enemy0 %8s 22c
Piercer2020neutral10not enough data0 %
rabid sveawolf1919aggressive140not enough data0 %3s 54c
ribbon toad1314neutral330weak enemy0 %5s 50c
Rip1717aggressive50not enough data0 %5s
sanguinite ghoul1414aggressive281weak enemy0 %1s 25c
savage lynx1717aggressive292easy prey0 %51c
shadow1111aggressive1080weak enemy12.96 %1s 50c
skogsfru1414aggressive449hard opponent2.27 %6s 57c
Squirt1818aggressive51not enough data0 %8s 87c
svartalf chanter1516aggressive530weak enemy0 %4s 89c
svartalf hunter1516aggressive661weak enemy21.21 %65s 99c
sveawolf packleader1515aggressive21not enough data0 %2s 7c
Swift1717aggressive30not enough data0 %8s 87c
Thegn Aki1717aggressive40not enough data0 %5s 8c
Ugnof Toestubber1717aggressive63not enough data0 %1s
Ulga1414aggressive80not enough data12.5 %7s 26c
water sprite1314aggressive943weak enemy11.7 %5s 99c
Wiley1111aggressive90not enough data0 %
wind sprite1516aggressive738equal opponent5.48 %7s 41c
wounded sveawolf1212neutral150not enough data0 %4s 13c