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Zone: Sheeroe Hills

A total of 6231 monsters were killed here in Sheeroe Hills and that resulted in a total of 1365 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 21.91%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
azure avenger5457aggressive510weak enemy5.88 %10g 7s 25c
azure banisher4952aggressive2490weak enemy11.65 %3g 69s 19c
azure cleanser4650aggressive3700weak enemy13.51 %28s 70c
Azure Coseal5555aggressive60not enough data50 %
Azure Dsaldor6060aggressive20not enough data50 %
Azure Thror5454aggressive90not enough data88.89 %27g 7s 56c
Cuuldurach the Glimmer King6767aggressive651Boss-like10850 %122g 92s 56c
elf spirit383820not enough data0 %
elfshot madman3536neutral1920weak enemy0 %14s 62c
glimmer ardent4648aggressive18227equal opponent10.99 %1g 57s 27c
Glimmer Arios575710not enough data0 %
glimmer deathwatcher5860aggressive607198bring a group11.04 %1g 95s 69c
glimmer geist5960aggressive20841hard opponent10.58 %2g 35s 97c
glimmer ghoul3942aggressive29221easy prey12.67 %1g 70s 38c
glimmer griever4850aggressive90580easy prey8.73 %2g 83s 2c
Glimmer Kelegur5353aggressive20not enough data50 %
glimmer knight5861aggressive7536bring a group8 %2g 74s 23c
Glimmer Kryl5758aggressive61not enough data83.33 %
glimmer messenger404020not enough data0 %
Glimmer Mianed4949aggressive40not enough data0 %
Glimmer Orin6161aggressive131not enough data0 %
glimmer orist4646aggressive133not enough data0 %
glimmer prophet606124not enough data0 %
Glimmer Spass4949aggressive80not enough data62.5 %1g 38s 51c
Glimmer Stikil6062aggressive50not enough data20 %
glimmer striker5456aggressive43886hard opponent11.19 %1g 33s 42c
Glimmer Venlar5656aggressive22not enough data0 %
Glimmer Viele5353aggressive250easy prey12 %3s 67c
glimmer ward4547aggressive20836hard opponent11.06 %62s 93c
glimmer warshade5658aggressive996148equal opponent11.04 %1g 19s 50c
Glimmer Xaduk5657aggressive51not enough data40 %
Glimmer Xaquira5353aggressive40not enough data50 %
Glimmer Zanllvi5455aggressive70not enough data71.43 %
glimmerling3539aggressive131899easy prey13.88 %2g 12s 37c
pale horse5152aggressive150not enough data0 %
raging subverter4343aggressive10not enough data0 %