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Zone: Avalon Marsh

A total of 1986 monsters were killed here in Avalon Marsh and that resulted in a total of 186 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 9.37%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
black bear1718aggressive260weak enemy3.85 %9s 93c
bloody-bones88aggressive182not enough data0 %
bogman44aggressive282easy prey7.14 %13c
bogman fisher1010aggressive30not enough data33.33 %
bogman gatherer99aggressive23not enough data0 %
bogman grappler66aggressive21not enough data50 %73c
bogman hunter1213aggressive61not enough data0 %
bogman trapper1111aggressive161not enough data0 %
carrion crab33neutral142not enough data0 %
creeping crud23neutral164not enough data12.5 %10c
death grip vines89aggressive181not enough data0 %
decayed zombie44aggressive52not enough data20 %43c
Dooben1515aggressive20not enough data0 %
Dread Lord Aryon1616aggressive31not enough data0 %3s 69c
dryad1010aggressive20not enough data0 %
ghostly knight1011aggressive161not enough data25 %16s 94c
ghoul footman1819aggressive2735weak enemy12.45 %10s 78c
ghoul knight1819aggressive33611weak enemy11.9 %18s 68c
ghoul lord2021aggressive725easy prey4.17 %9s 90c
giant frog55neutral40not enough data0 %30c
giant water leaper1616aggressive144not enough data0 %5s 47c
giant wolf1617aggressive647equal opponent0 %4s 65c
impling22neutral140not enough data7.14 %6c
Kearcs1616aggressive21not enough data0 %
large skeleton66aggressive20not enough data0 %20c
marsh scrag1212neutral2242weak enemy20.09 %4s 59c
marsh worm1111aggressive21not enough data0 %
mist monster1717aggressive310weak enemy6.45 %7s 7c
mist sprite77aggressive150not enough data0 %
muck snake22neutral85not enough data0 %14c
mud golem1414aggressive458hard opponent2.22 %2s 79c
mud worm11neutral203not enough data0 %
outcast rogue22neutral150not enough data13.33 %1s 19c
phantom page55aggressive240easy prey0 %
phantom squire78aggressive31not enough data0 %33c
pixie88aggressive10not enough data0 %
puny skeleton22neutral190not enough data0 %22c
putrid zombie55aggressive342easy prey2.94 %41c
quicksand1717aggressive799equal opponent16.46 %43s 52c
Rangfar2828aggressive50not enough data0 %
river drake hatchling33neutral102not enough data0 %39c
river racer88neutral101not enough data0 %96c
river sprite88aggressive10not enough data100 %12s 69c
river spriteling33neutral332easy prey9.09 %30c
rot worm66neutral142not enough data0 %
Scraek1414aggressive362easy prey16.67 %
scrag99aggressive10not enough data0 %1s 66c
scragling77aggressive355equal opponent14.29 %1s 32c
scrawny bogman33neutral361weak enemy8.33 %27c
scum toad11neutral202not enough data0 %
shambler1314aggressive757easy prey1.33 %4s 30c
skeleton33neutral111not enough data9.09 %24c
slime lizard22neutral55not enough data0 %
slough serpent33neutral40not enough data0 %16c
small gray wolf33neutral10not enough data0 %77c
swamp rat55neutral190not enough data0 %
swamp slime34neutral330weak enemy6.06 %13c
Undead Knight Fiedel2727neutral11not enough data0 %4s 11c
Vagdush1516neutral30not enough data0 %1s 6c
water leaper910aggressive72not enough data0 %
will o' wisp912neutral31not enough data0 %
wisp ghoul12neutral192not enough data0 %
wood ogre berserker1516aggressive431weak enemy11.63 %5s 82c
wood ogre scourge1314neutral481weak enemy6.25 %3s 20c
wood ogre seer1516aggressive350weak enemy5.71 %2s 11c