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Zone: Black Mountains South

A total of 1383 monsters were killed here in Black Mountains South and that resulted in a total of 96 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 6.94%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Agisthil89aggressive20not enough data0 %
Aldous Wynedd1111aggressive30not enough data0 %20c
Amano1111aggressive50not enough data0 %
ant drone33neutral60not enough data0 %23c
bear89neutral560weak enemy0 %31s 69c
bear cub33neutral150not enough data0 %37c
black wolf44neutral243equal opponent0 %28c
black wolf pup22neutral119not enough data0 %20c
boar piglet22neutral123not enough data0 %13c
Bouditha Wynedd1010aggressive10not enough data0 %20c
boulder imp99aggressive13not enough data0 %
Brodic1212aggressive20not enough data0 %1s 12c
bullyboy56aggressive234hard opponent0 %21c
cutpurse44aggressive6012hard opponent11.67 %11s 38c
decayed zombie44aggressive92not enough data0 %33c
dwarf brawler44aggressive662weak enemy15.15 %33c
dwarf pillager55aggressive130not enough data7.69 %32c
dwarf raider66aggressive32not enough data0 %23c
eel44neutral150not enough data0 %4c
filidh89neutral50not enough data0 %1s 10c
filidh sacrificer1111neutral20not enough data0 %1s 29c
forest lion77aggressive111not enough data0 %55c
forest snake44neutral50not enough data0 %40c
Frund88aggressive20not enough data0 %20c
Fusnup55aggressive20not enough data0 %50c
giant frog55neutral80not enough data0 %44c
giant spider78neutral1001weak enemy0 %
goblin911aggressive330weak enemy0 %9c
goblin fisherman66aggressive382easy prey0 %33c
goblin lookout99aggressive253equal opponent0 %7s 20c
goblin scout89aggressive20not enough data0 %
goblin shaman1011aggressive331weak enemy0 %10c
goblin warrior99aggressive30not enough data0 %
Gobzini1212aggressive50not enough data0 %1s 34c
green snake01neutral231easy prey0 %22c
Grilk1414aggressive60not enough data0 %
Grilk's bonescraper99aggressive40not enough data0 %
Grilk's footscratcher99aggressive30not enough data0 %66c
Grilo88aggressive60not enough data0 %
Gundron McCory1010aggressive20not enough data0 %30s 14c
highwayman77aggressive40not enough data0 %20c
Jari1314aggressive30not enough data33.33 %19c
large ant22neutral51not enough data0 %17c
moldy skeleton33aggressive731weak enemy26.03 %36c
Nain Dwarf1010aggressive20not enough data0 %
poacher44aggressive60not enough data16.67 %25c
puny skeleton22aggressive1110weak enemy9.91 %23c
red dwarf bandit67aggressive151not enough data20 %
red dwarf chief1111aggressive30not enough data0 %
red dwarf thief67aggressive150not enough data6.67 %7s 96c
red dwarf youth66aggressive10not enough data0 %4c
red lion44neutral40not enough data0 %
robber11aggressive11not enough data0 %62c
rock imp66neutral893weak enemy11.24 %15c
Sacrificer Harish1010neutral10not enough data0 %
shady pilferer55aggressive111not enough data0 %
Shaman Aslis1717neutral20not enough data0 %
skeleton33aggressive453easy prey8.89 %36c
Slith88neutral50not enough data0 %38c
slith broodling22neutral30not enough data0 %20c
small bear55neutral60not enough data0 %21c
snake44neutral90not enough data0 %30c
spirit hound11neutral160not enough data0 %13c
spriggarn33neutral70not enough data14.29 %31c
Summoner Salizern1111neutral10not enough data0 %
Throatripper55aggressive191not enough data5.26 %27c
undead goblin chief77aggressive10not enough data0 %
undead goblin fisherman55aggressive240easy prey16.67 %14c
undead goblin warrior55aggressive210easy prey14.29 %
wandering bandit1111aggressive30not enough data0 %1c
water snake22neutral200not enough data0 %12c
weak skeleton22aggressive332easy prey0 %15c
Wilbur67neutral63not enough data0 %
wild sow33neutral221easy prey0 %33c
worker ant01neutral291weak enemy0 %15c
young cutpurse44aggressive1145easy prey15.79 %12s 69c
young poacher44aggressive80not enough data12.5 %22c