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Zone: Cursed Forest

A total of 9540 monsters were killed here in Cursed Forest and that resulted in a total of 952 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 9.98%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
banshee6060aggressive215hard opponent14.29 %1g 34s 87c
black wraith5658aggressive180not enough data0 %41c
Faerie Queen6363aggressive10not enough data0 %
far dorocha5858aggressive1239Boss-like8.33 %
finliath5962aggressive6706812equal opponent10.23 %32s 99c
Fomorian cyclen4545aggressive10not enough data0 %
fomorian grencher5151aggressive10not enough data100 %
forest poacher5353aggressive120not enough data16.67 %62s 16c
forest scourge scorpion6262aggressive10not enough data0 %
gan ceanach5153aggressive71not enough data0 %
Goborchen Vindicator5658aggressive5043Boss-like6 %
goborchend gasher4854aggressive48595hard opponent9.69 %29s 64c
goborchend piercer4854aggressive1240150equal opponent10.89 %2g 29s 48c
goborchend wounder5156aggressive65154easy prey9.83 %2g 47s 3c
grand pooka6363aggressive10not enough data0 %
granny4650aggressive392easy prey12.82 %
leprechaun4950aggressive7715hard opponent3.9 %2g 61s 25c
levian-al5154aggressive120not enough data0 %1g 49s 58c
mindworm5959aggressive6338Boss-like0 %
pooka5859aggressive1715not enough data5.88 %
Queen's Maid6161aggressive21not enough data0 %
savage fishing bear5353aggressive10not enough data0 %75s
spectral manslayer5052aggressive340weak enemy2.94 %66s 38c
unearthed cave bear5050aggressive880weak enemy15.91 %83s 8c