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Zone: Gotar

A total of 1353 monsters were killed here in Gotar and that resulted in a total of 107 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 7.91%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Barkley77aggressive22not enough data0 %
black mauler juvenile66neutral60not enough data0 %17c
Boney33neutral71not enough data0 %
carrion crawler77neutral272easy prey14.81 %52c
carrion eater78neutral256hard opponent0 %85c
carrion lizard44neutral41not enough data0 %46c
coastal wolf44neutral104not enough data0 %28c
Davnis1011neutral40not enough data0 %
Dotta66aggressive50not enough data0 %
drowned soul44aggressive134not enough data0 %
dryad sprig55aggressive368hard opponent13.89 %44c
dryad sprout44neutral264hard opponent3.85 %39c
dwarf bone skeleton66aggressive221easy prey13.64 %20c
envy drakeling1011aggressive120not enough data33.33 %
escaped thrall44aggressive170not enough data17.65 %12c
fragile skeleton44aggressive203not enough data15 %16c
Fressen1717aggressive20not enough data0 %
ghost light88neutral81not enough data0 %1s 2c
gotawitch910aggressive221easy prey4.55 %1s
green serpent33neutral160not enough data0 %9c
hobgoblin fish-catcher11aggressive40not enough data0 %9c
hobgoblin pincher55aggressive122not enough data16.67 %25c
hobgoblin prankster44aggressive323easy prey18.75 %22c
hobgoblin prowler99aggressive1104weak enemy12.73 %1s 14c
hobgoblin snagger33aggressive220easy prey27.27 %19c
hobgoblin snake-finder22aggressive201not enough data25 %11c
host of the earth78neutral362easy prey0 %97c
host of the wind89neutral381weak enemy0 %1s 25c
huldu hunter55aggressive30not enough data0 %27c
huldu lurker33aggressive305hard opponent3.33 %3c
huldu outcast22aggressive120not enough data8.33 %19c
huldu stalker66aggressive52not enough data0 %26c
Ick1010aggressive10not enough data0 %
little water goblin33aggressive272easy prey44.44 %26c
meandering spirit22aggressive20not enough data0 %6c
nacken910aggressive204not enough data0 %1s 56c
perfidious pook1112aggressive1089easy prey6.48 %47c
phantom hound44aggressive190not enough data5.26 %17c
pine imp77neutral416equal opponent0 %78c
Puj1010neutral11not enough data0 %
rattling skeleton22aggressive832weak enemy10.84 %7c
rugged dwarven pony55neutral300weak enemy0 %53c
sapherd66neutral60not enough data0 %32c
scavenger12neutral121not enough data0 %19c
Scout Argyle1313aggressive41not enough data0 %
seithkona initiate66aggressive411weak enemy0 %37c
seithr orb1010aggressive110not enough data0 %
sharktooth whelp22neutral150not enough data0 %22c
skeletal oarsman66aggressive411weak enemy7.32 %
skeletal seafarer55aggressive460weak enemy15.22 %
smiera-gatto55aggressive1112not enough data0 %
spectral hog33aggressive120not enough data0 %11c
spindly rock crab1010aggressive172not enough data0 %2s 23c
spook77aggressive102not enough data30 %
svartalf merchant88aggressive10not enough data0 %
svartalf outcast99neutral32not enough data0 %
Tas1011aggressive21not enough data0 %1s 30c
tawny lynx99aggressive203not enough data0 %1s 36c
Trolki1111aggressive11not enough data0 %60c
Twitchclaw99neutral40not enough data0 %95c
undead explorer44aggressive270weak enemy0 %4c
undead scout1112aggressive80not enough data0 %
Vefyn1010neutral10not enough data0 %1s 52c
vein spiderling11neutral30not enough data0 %8c
Vidalf1111neutral20not enough data0 %1s 52c
water snake23neutral171not enough data0 %17c
wee wolf66aggressive54not enough data0 %49c
wild hog33neutral100not enough data0 %29c
wildling11aggressive151not enough data6.67 %8c
wind wisp910neutral243equal opponent0 %1s 60c
wolf nipper11neutral70not enough data0 %11c
wood imp66neutral291weak enemy17.24 %86c
young lynx33neutral80not enough data0 %23c