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Zone: Mount Collory

A total of 3956 monsters were killed here in Mount Collory and that resulted in a total of 358 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 9.05%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
alp luachra3233aggressive120not enough data25 %2g 96s 33c
amadan touched3132aggressive400weak enemy20 %12s 51c
Angry Sett2727aggressive110not enough data0 %
Anord3232aggressive30not enough data0 %
aughisky3436aggressive130not enough data0 %
bird-eating frog2425neutral50not enough data20 %
black badger3840neutral430weak enemy16.28 %2g 52s 94c
bodach3334aggressive310weak enemy0 %1s 91c
boogie man3738aggressive1051weak enemy1.9 %21s 29c
Carafathach3939neutral170not enough data0 %20s 8c
chopper trainee3941aggressive350weak enemy2.86 %96s 14c
cliff beetle3437aggressive470weak enemy8.51 %63s 38c
cliff hanger4040neutral40not enough data0 %87s 50c
cluricaun2626neutral20not enough data0 %14s
corpan side4244aggressive1231weak enemy15.45 %4g 4s 72c
corybantic skeleton4950aggressive391weak enemy10.26 %3g 45s 79c
Cubby2727neutral20not enough data50 %
curmudgeon forester4647aggressive390weak enemy5.13 %42s 63c
curmudgeon puggard4144aggressive1501weak enemy7.33 %1g 64c
curmudgeon ratoner3333neutral220easy prey31.82 %14s 79c
curmudgeon scrapper4445aggressive910weak enemy2.2 %84s 94c
curmudgeon wanter3435aggressive902weak enemy5.56 %15s 87c
daughter of Medb4647aggressive61not enough data0 %
deamhan aeir3939aggressive360weak enemy16.67 %1g 9s 57c
deamhan hound4546aggressive660weak enemy18.18 %3g 42s 7c
Dodger3939neutral10not enough data0 %
dullahan5052aggressive50not enough data20 %17g 39s 54c
empyrean elder4545neutral30not enough data0 %33s 33c
empyrean guardian3839neutral1980weak enemy5.56 %39s 93c
empyrean sentinel2829neutral1550weak enemy8.39 %21s 94c
Eugor3838aggressive20not enough data100 %
evanescer3537aggressive970weak enemy4.12 %9s 65c
faeghoul3939aggressive613easy prey3.28 %45s 3c
faerie badger3335neutral120not enough data0 %27s 17c
far dorocha5454aggressive10not enough data100 %
far liath3535aggressive180not enough data16.67 %28s 62c
fee lion2728aggressive120not enough data25 %1g 65s 60c
Fomorian underling4042aggressive670weak enemy7.46 %
Fomorian wolfbeast4849aggressive240easy prey0 %
fuath4647aggressive240easy prey8.33 %2g 45s 82c
ghastly Midgard invader4646aggressive20not enough data0 %
graugach3435neutral1921weak enemy13.54 %22s 3c
greater luch2828neutral10not enough data0 %8s 50c
greater zephyr3535aggressive50not enough data0 %12s
grovewood3941aggressive2774weak enemy10.83 %55s 21c
Gualach404010not enough data0 %
Hatred4848aggressive60not enough data16.67 %8g 38s 35c
hillock changeling3839aggressive830weak enemy10.84 %1g 14s 6c
ire wolf3030aggressive230easy prey0 %7s 54c
irewood3333aggressive1810weak enemy14.36 %29s 91c
irewood sapling2425aggressive400weak enemy20 %88s 86c
Irusan5050aggressive30not enough data0 %
juvenile megafelid3738neutral190not enough data10.53 %1g 74s 57c
leprechaun4951aggressive23510easy prey9.79 %6g 23s 18c
luch catcher3131aggressive90not enough data33.33 %4g 31s 43c
luch hunter3737aggressive110not enough data0 %11s 77c
lugradan3031aggressive310weak enemy12.9 %2g 18s 33c
mad changeling3131aggressive10not enough data0 %9s
Master Chopper4444aggressive30not enough data0 %1s 90c
Mathair4848neutral10not enough data0 %
megafelid4345aggressive350weak enemy8.57 %2g 16s 50c
morsmutare witch2931aggressive1110weak enemy4.5 %8s 95c
Norseman Chopper4043aggressive120not enough data8.33 %63c
Oak Man5555neutral30not enough data0 %
One4444aggressive50not enough data0 %
phaeghoul4143aggressive1210weak enemy15.7 %79s 55c
pookha3737aggressive170not enough data17.65 %1g 58s 57c
rage wolf3435aggressive660weak enemy6.06 %77s 74c
roan stepper3232neutral70not enough data0 %
Scuab3838neutral20not enough data0 %3s 20c
senior chopper4445aggressive90not enough data11.11 %63c
sett dweller2930neutral420weak enemy4.76 %4c
sett matriarch4646neutral20not enough data0 %
sett matron3838neutral150not enough data6.67 %2g 23s 59c
sett protector3435aggressive480weak enemy10.42 %46s 52c
sharptoothed megafelid4344aggressive70not enough data0 %
siabra anchorite4545aggressive120not enough data0 %30s 81c
siog raider4041aggressive1020weak enemy10.78 %1g 46s 44c
siog seeker3434aggressive290weak enemy24.14 %1g 45s 32c
siog waylayer3131aggressive680weak enemy4.41 %7s 60c
spectral Briton invader4446aggressive140not enough data0 %34s 7c
speghoul4446aggressive520weak enemy3.85 %1g 75s 61c
squabbler3030neutral40not enough data0 %
Three4747aggressive30not enough data0 %
torc4042neutral990weak enemy8.08 %34s 96c
torcan3434neutral10not enough data0 %
Two4646aggressive30not enough data0 %
undead briton invader4647aggressive130not enough data0 %22s 2c
unearthed cave bear5252aggressive100not enough data10 %1g 54s 80c
vanisher3032aggressive600weak enemy8.33 %45s 8c
veteran chopper4445aggressive240easy prey4.17 %55c
white boar4344neutral670weak enemy0 %
wrath sprite3031aggressive550weak enemy3.64 %45s 27c
zephyr wraith3232aggressive20not enough data0 %15s