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Zone: Nisses Lair

A total of 2130 monsters were killed here in Nisses Lair and that resulted in a total of 207 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 9.72%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
cave spider1516aggressive1153weak enemy0 %
Executioner1414aggressive185not enough data5.56 %3s 84c
gray worg1212aggressive10not enough data0 %
Haunt1818aggressive131not enough data0 %14s 84c
Hnaki2424aggressive11not enough data0 %50c
lair guard1112aggressive26412easy prey11.74 %1s 17c
lair patrol99aggressive301weak enemy23.33 %1s 36c
Nioll1112aggressive150not enough data0 %2s 15c
Nisse2121aggressive62not enough data66.67 %1s 80c
poisonous cave spider1819aggressive120not enough data8.33 %1s 77c
ridgeback worg1212aggressive10not enough data0 %
Rygnol1313aggressive150not enough data53.33 %16s 93c
sand lizard hatchling1113aggressive16224equal opponent0 %
Skirr1818aggressive40not enough data75 %
tomte apprentice1415aggressive799equal opponent11.39 %1s 46c
tomte caitiff1819aggressive4913bring a group18.37 %47s 39c
tomte captor1313aggressive14714easy prey8.84 %1s 12c
tomte cutthroat910aggressive8110equal opponent12.35 %48c
tomte elder2020aggressive10not enough data0 %1s 80c
tomte guard1819aggressive2653weak enemy10.57 %90c
tomte handler1112aggressive400weak enemy7.5 %73c
tomte hoodoo1414aggressive170not enough data17.65 %1s 2c
tomte jager1517aggressive11524hard opponent4.35 %51c
tomte lookout1516aggressive578equal opponent12.28 %30c
tomte protector1315aggressive26948hard opponent11.9 %1s 55c
tomte runner1414aggressive261weak enemy11.54 %1s 60c
tomte seer1920aggressive340weak enemy2.94 %1s 58c
tomte sentinel1819aggressive560weak enemy5.36 %43c
tomte shaman1213aggressive370weak enemy8.11 %1s 13c
tomte trainer1414aggressive308bring a group16.67 %1s 27c
tomte warhound1011aggressive252easy prey0 %
tomte warlord1920aggressive150not enough data20 %36c
tomte witch doctor1718aggressive111not enough data9.09 %30c
tomte zealot1718aggressive972weak enemy10.31 %49c
weeping willow1314aggressive221easy prey18.18 %8s 10c