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Zone: Cornwall

A total of 7356 monsters were killed here in Cornwall and that resulted in a total of 856 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 11.64%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Aged beech3031aggressive120not enough data0 %26s 88c
Aricoer2223aggressive80not enough data0 %
Arisus princeps2627aggressive180not enough data0 %
black bear1718aggressive555easy prey10.91 %15s 54c
Brother Jarrel1616neutral31not enough data0 %
brown bear1616aggressive9516hard opponent0 %2s 5c
bucca2324neutral3985weak enemy18.09 %1g 78s 41c
captured soul1516aggressive290weak enemy0 %
Centurion Favius2223aggressive515easy prey0 %1s 94c
Cirfans4747aggressive11not enough data0 %
cliff spider2223aggressive8812equal opponent0 %9s 5c
cliff spiderling1617aggressive565easy prey0 %
cornish frog1414neutral261weak enemy0 %
cornish giant3739aggressive6816hard opponent0 %
cornish hen2425aggressive2043weak enemy0 %
cornwall drake3941aggressive582weak enemy0 %
Cornwall hunter2324aggressive49419weak enemy19.23 %2g 8s 23c
death stalker1919aggressive261weak enemy0 %7s 20c
decurion3434aggressive10not enough data0 %
elder beech2628aggressive6630weak enemy16.89 %1g 33s 77c
Enchanted Beech2525aggressive40not enough data0 %
Erich2931neutral20not enough data0 %
Fire Ant Frendrat3637neutral40not enough data25 %53c
forest cat1718aggressive541weak enemy0 %1s 46c
Gerkran3232aggressive11not enough data0 %4s 5c
ghostly cleric1415aggressive232easy prey0 %45c
ghostly paladin1313aggressive221easy prey0 %1s 8c
giant rooter3133neutral30190bring a group0 %34s 59c
giant skeleton3031aggressive2429weak enemy9.09 %45s 1c
greater boogey3639aggressive11119weak enemy10.8 %2g 40s 10c
hamadryad3535aggressive644easy prey3.13 %37s 50c
Kalnraw1717aggressive162not enough data12.5 %1s 75c
legionarius3333aggressive1638easy prey14.72 %32s 92c
moor boogey2628aggressive1226140equal opponent20.07 %2g 18s 3c
moor den mother1919aggressive70not enough data0 %2s 43c
moor pack leader1617aggressive251easy prey0 %30c
moor wolf1516aggressive7420bring a group0 %2s 14c
muryan2021aggressive11222hard opponent0 %6s 98c
muryan trickster2122aggressive486equal opponent14.58 %1g 6s 5c
skeletal centurion2325aggressive12712easy prey7.87 %9s 78c
skeletal legionnaire1920aggressive87132weak enemy9.87 %17s 67c
small skeletal centurion1819aggressive47016weak enemy10.85 %6s 55c
Yog3233aggressive76not enough data0 %
young brown bear1314aggressive286hard opponent0 %1s 39c