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Zone: Forest Sauvage

A total of 3526 monsters were killed here in Forest Sauvage and that resulted in a total of 484 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 13.73%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
ancient basilisk2222aggressive50not enough data0 %6s 80c
Angry Fellwood3051aggressive1520weak enemy4.61 %
ashen fellwood2020aggressive270weak enemy22.22 %5s 45c
aspen fellwood2626aggressive540weak enemy11.11 %28s 35c
black poplar fellwood2930aggressive1461weak enemy12.33 %76s 70c
black willow fellwood2324aggressive370weak enemy5.41 %7s 46c
Bowman5050aggressive10not enough data0 %
Broecia1818aggressive20not enough data0 %
Cursiux princeps2929aggressive10not enough data0 %
death stalker1818aggressive603easy prey1.67 %7s 57c
downy fellwood2627aggressive1491weak enemy6.04 %28s 31c
ebony fellwood1415aggressive230easy prey4.35 %2s 32c
forest adder1718aggressive641weak enemy0 %1s 43c
forest ettin1415aggressive402easy prey2.5 %
forest giant2022aggressive13664weak enemy16.62 %3s 46c
forest hunter2426aggressive2372weak enemy28.27 %49s 44c
forest runner2223aggressive80not enough data0 %16s 63c
forest stalker2930aggressive6724weak enemy16.07 %23s 65c
forester merchant2727aggressive70not enough data0 %
giant wolf1919aggressive352easy prey2.86 %5s 83c
gold oaken fellwood3638aggressive501weak enemy6 %1g 56s 3c
Green Knight7373aggressive20not enough data400 %
Guardsman Jowan3030aggressive10not enough data0 %
gytrash233620not enough data0 %
hornbeam fellwood2930aggressive1350weak enemy5.19 %35s 25c
knotted fellwood5152neutral01not enough dataNAN %
master hunter3434aggressive30not enough data0 %
oaken fellwood2020aggressive170not enough data5.88 %2s 2c
rainbow sprite3538aggressive931weak enemy2.15 %5s 44c
Rob Ria4344aggressive421weak enemy16.67 %1g 20s 81c
silver oaken fellwood3335aggressive500weak enemy0 %32s
small skeletal legionnaire1717aggressive60not enough data33.33 %55c
white willow fellwood2424aggressive390weak enemy0 %9s 62c