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Zone: Connacht

A total of 3426 monsters were killed here in Connacht and that resulted in a total of 331 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 9.66%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
alp luachra2830aggressive1370weak enemy8.76 %1g 80s 95c
Amadan4040aggressive120not enough data66.67 %24s 38c
Amadan Dubh4141aggressive50not enough data0 %
amadan touched2932aggressive2250weak enemy11.11 %93s 10c
amalgamate parthanan2626aggressive10not enough data0 %18s 75c
anger sprite1212aggressive1160weak enemy10.34 %3s 10c
annoying lucradan11aggressive270weak enemy3.7 %15c
Azure idolater2527aggressive960weak enemy0 %
badger cub11neutral111not enough data0 %22c
bantam spectre1616aggressive20not enough data0 %
Bas78neutral20not enough data0 %
beach rat13neutral100not enough data0 %
bodachan sabhaill55neutral40not enough data0 %31c
Cachia3030aggressive240easy prey0 %
changeling1212aggressive142not enough data21.43 %7s 31c
cluricaun2122neutral2697weak enemy7.81 %49s 15c
curmudgeon harvester1212aggressive30not enough data33.33 %1s 87c
Daewain66aggressive70not enough data0 %
Dorbal3434aggressive170not enough data0 %9s 67c
eirebug55neutral160not enough data0 %38c
elder tidal sheerie4242friendly10not enough data0 %2g 27s 50c
enchanted wind ghoul1011aggressive110not enough data0 %2s 9c
faerie beetle1718neutral730weak enemy0 %
Faewren3940aggressive150not enough data33.33 %
Famine3232aggressive90not enough data0 %17s 50c
Fearg78aggressive20not enough data0 %
feccan23neutral472easy prey8.51 %20c
feckless lucragan55aggressive402easy prey12.5 %26c
fishing bear1920neutral310weak enemy25.81 %5s 39c
fishing bear forager1515neutral331weak enemy0 %4s 5c
ghostly siabra1213aggressive302easy prey10 %4s 27c
grass sheerie1414aggressive30not enough data33.33 %5s 48c
great Scourge3435aggressive20not enough data0 %
great Skeleton3537neutral20not enough data0 %
grumoz demon1112aggressive170not enough data0 %60c
hill toad66neutral140not enough data0 %95c
irewood sapling2122aggressive4080weak enemy6.13 %26s 28c
large eirebug1011neutral351weak enemy0 %2s 21c
large frog01neutral183not enough data0 %36c
Little Wind1112aggressive70not enough data14.29 %6s 12c
lough wolf cadger44neutral10not enough data0 %25c
lugradan whelp57aggressive2474weak enemy27.94 %2s
lunantishee910neutral201not enough data10 %4s 8c
manes demon89aggressive171not enough data17.65 %51c
merucha3030aggressive475equal opponent0 %28s 82c
minor changeling22neutral161not enough data0 %
moss sheerie1011aggressive322easy prey0 %1s 72c
mudman34neutral675easy prey11.94 %23c
Murgar3636aggressive90not enough data0 %35s 56c
orchard nipper67aggressive580weak enemy18.97 %52c
Orik1818neutral21not enough data0 %3s
parthanan1718aggressive1042weak enemy12.5 %46s 64c
phantom wickerman2728aggressive1840weak enemy0 %24s 21c
Pikebane2323neutral20not enough data0 %
pookha3334aggressive631weak enemy7.94 %1g 3s 2c
Red1616aggressive30not enough data33.33 %
rowdy66aggressive50not enough data0 %40c
skeletal minion55neutral734easy prey20.55 %52c
skeletal pawn23neutral405equal opponent12.5 %24c
Spicket55neutral20not enough data0 %
spraggon45neutral9110equal opponent13.19 %36c
spraggonite77aggressive404equal opponent0 %47c
spraggonoll88aggressive32not enough data0 %47c
Sraoi2727neutral10not enough data0 %15s
streaming wisp2122neutral612weak enemy0 %9s 94c
Touched4044aggressive150not enough data20 %30s 93c
villainous youth55aggressive51not enough data0 %
Voice of Azure2526aggressive200not enough data0 %
walking rock2324neutral880weak enemy7.95 %81s 95c
water beetle78neutral393easy prey0 %1s 43c
water beetle collector55neutral142not enough data0 %61c
water beetle larva22neutral20not enough data0 %15c
wayward curmudgeon2425friendly60not enough data0 %
wild crouch77aggressive50not enough data0 %30c
wild lucradan1011friendly651weak enemy9.23 %93c
wind ghoul89aggressive1473weak enemy23.81 %4s 70c
Windaille77aggressive30not enough data0 %
Withe2930aggressive200not enough data0 %
young irewood2426aggressive130not enough data0 %11s