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Zone: Black Mountains North

A total of 1181 monsters were killed here in Black Mountains North and that resulted in a total of 86 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 7.28%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Arawnite Messenger2021aggressive30not enough data0 %
bear99neutral301weak enemy0 %23c
devout filidh99aggressive312easy prey0 %92c
disturbed presence1313aggressive210easy prey0 %2s 5c
dragon ant drone99aggressive51not enough data0 %66c
dragon ant queen1111aggressive30not enough data0 %2s 23c
dragon ant soldier88aggressive90not enough data0 %95c
dragon ant worker66aggressive20not enough data0 %35c
dryad89neutral1833weak enemy12.57 %1s 95c
dryad invert1010aggressive10not enough data0 %
emerald snake66neutral760weak enemy11.84 %1s 1c
enraged cockatrice1313aggressive80not enough data0 %
filidh88aggressive650weak enemy0 %95c
filidh sacrificer1011neutral154not enough data0 %69c
forest chief2020aggressive240easy prey0 %3s 1c
forest lion78aggressive230easy prey0 %56c
forest smuggler1819aggressive932weak enemy5.38 %6s
forest tracker1617aggressive710weak enemy11.27 %6s 29c
ghost miner1212aggressive100not enough data0 %
giant spider78neutral220easy prey0 %
goblin scout88aggressive151not enough data6.67 %
gray warg1011aggressive640weak enemy0 %1s 32c
hill avenger1313aggressive10not enough data100 %87s 27c
hill chief1515aggressive51not enough data20 %9s 81c
hill guard1212aggressive91not enough data11.11 %83c
hill shaman1313aggressive150not enough data6.67 %3s 33c
hill warrior1112aggressive441weak enemy9.09 %3s 1c
howling maiden2225aggressive30not enough data66.67 %7g 72s 89c
King Smugluk1414aggressive30not enough data0 %4s 63c
large boulderling1313aggressive21not enough data0 %3s 29c
Mootang1212aggressive50not enough data0 %1s 34c
Mystic Ulfwag1313aggressive40not enough data0 %1s 34c
necromancer2828aggressive10not enough data0 %
pixie77neutral60not enough data0 %
pixie scout99neutral111not enough data27.27 %3s 48c
poacher55aggressive50not enough data0 %36c
poacher leader66aggressive30not enough data0 %
red dwarf matron89aggressive1190weak enemy10.08 %67c
rock elemental1213aggressive70not enough data0 %2s 44c
Sergeant Cosworth1111neutral320weak enemy9.38 %
Sir Gerenth1111neutral330weak enemy30.3 %22s 46c
small bear55neutral10not enough data0 %
undead druid911aggressive860weak enemy2.33 %2s 48c
undead filidh77aggressive50not enough data0 %90c
wicked cythraul2728aggressive71not enough data0 %5s 65c