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Zone: Tepoks Mine

A total of 1092 monsters were killed here in Tepoks Mine and that resulted in a total of 79 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 7.23%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
angler2728aggressive60not enough data0 %
apprentice beastmaster3030aggressive30not enough data0 %
cave bear cub1720aggressive260weak enemy0 %1s 54c
cave lion2525aggressive30not enough data0 %
cavebear2832aggressive140not enough data0 %7s
cavefisher2223aggressive1194weak enemy0 %53c
cavelion2525aggressive10not enough data0 %
Director Botok3536aggressive80not enough data0 %
Emissary Sebian3535aggressive260weak enemy15.38 %
fisher hatchling1720aggressive250easy prey0 %1s 26c
goblin2629aggressive1695weak enemy8.28 %69c
goblin apprentice2526aggressive150not enough data6.67 %
goblin beastmaster3131aggressive80not enough data12.5 %
goblin cleaner3031aggressive970weak enemy13.4 %12s 22c
goblin crawler2425aggressive751weak enemy13.33 %7s 75c
goblin imperator3334aggressive320weak enemy15.63 %2s 12c
goblin monitor3333aggressive261weak enemy15.38 %
goblin patrol leader2727aggressive511weak enemy11.76 %
goblin snatcher3133aggressive502easy prey8 %5s 98c
goblin watcher2223aggressive542weak enemy9.26 %5s 39c
goblin whip3232aggressive61not enough data0 %50c
hungry cave fisher2527aggressive470weak enemy0 %
juggernaut3233aggressive312easy prey0 %
Morvel Glyne3738aggressive240easy prey0 %
Overseer Tepok4143aggressive40not enough data0 %
red dwarf youth2525aggressive40not enough data0 %4c
Sarel Sebian3435aggressive260weak enemy7.69 %
Savant3436aggressive161not enough data6.25 %16s 93c
stalker2021aggressive441weak enemy0 %4s
Tuder Glyne3638aggressive210easy prey9.52 %10s 16c
undead miner2222aggressive220easy prey9.09 %2s 29c
Whisperer3839aggressive310weak enemy6.45 %
wight2626aggressive80not enough data37.5 %