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Zone: Uppland

A total of 3604 monsters were killed here in Uppland and that resulted in a total of 271 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 7.52%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
abominable snowman2828aggressive880weak enemy3.41 %6s 63c
alpine cockatrice3334aggressive210easy prey0 %
aurora4445neutral360weak enemy2.78 %1g 16s 90c
Baugi373710not enough data0 %
biting wind3232aggressive223equal opponent0 %
block of ice3738neutral1243weak enemy5.65 %71s 25c
bone-eater oracle4040neutral100not enough data0 %10s 29c
bone-eater slayer3638aggressive71not enough data0 %
bone-eater spine-ripper3838neutral151not enough data0 %20s 12c
boreal cockatrice2628aggressive230easy prey8.7 %
bright aurora4243aggressive60not enough data33.33 %12g 68s 46c
chattering skeleton3334neutral4834weak enemy5.38 %12s 40c
chiseler2323neutral921weak enemy4.35 %
cold light2222neutral1431weak enemy6.29 %12c
Eibhilin4142aggressive20not enough data0 %
Eteki2828aggressive210easy prey23.81 %70s 97c
fallen troll4849aggressive60not enough data0 %41s 44c
fenrir prophet4949aggressive30not enough data33.33 %5g 58s 90c
fenrir shredder4949aggressive30not enough data0 %
fenrir snowscout3940aggressive30not enough data0 %
fenrir tracker4343aggressive10not enough data0 %
flurry2323aggressive230easy prey4.35 %
fossegrim3232neutral220easy prey0 %
frost hound3233aggressive290weak enemy6.9 %
frost orm3738aggressive442easy prey6.82 %76s 21c
frost spectre4850aggressive3102weak enemy5.16 %2g 93s 82c
frostbite wildling2930aggressive430weak enemy9.3 %
frosty colt2123neutral211easy prey4.76 %
frosty scuttlebug2424neutral251easy prey12 %
Gagnrad3434aggressive20not enough data0 %
gelid mass3435neutral721weak enemy5.56 %51s 13c
ghoulish warrior4747aggressive10not enough data0 %
giant snowcrab3334neutral720weak enemy9.72 %10s 35c
great lynx4343neutral30not enough data0 %
hailer2930aggressive290weak enemy3.45 %7s 36c
hailstone2122neutral280weak enemy0 %2s 76c
half-frozen madman2627aggressive230easy prey4.35 %
ice lizard3233neutral310weak enemy3.23 %
ice scrag3638aggressive100not enough data0 %
iceberg4243neutral810weak enemy6.17 %2g 83s 62c
icemuncher2929neutral630weak enemy1.59 %23s 66c
icestrider chiller4749aggressive610weak enemy8.2 %12s 39c
icestrider frostweaver4748aggressive140not enough data21.43 %6g 82s 98c
icestrider interceptor5050aggressive200not enough data15 %3g 73s 64c
icy skeleton2627neutral3280weak enemy6.71 %
icy wisp3030neutral1100weak enemy6.36 %6s 13c
isalf icemage3233aggressive230easy prey4.35 %
isalf snowtracker3334aggressive340weak enemy11.76 %4s 88c
isalf surveyor3233aggressive370weak enemy2.7 %
isalf warrior3334aggressive270weak enemy11.11 %8s 38c
Jakr2425aggressive210easy prey4.76 %
nip mephit2425aggressive220easy prey9.09 %2s 11c
nordic yeti3435aggressive552weak enemy7.27 %3s 32c
northern ettin2929aggressive341weak enemy2.94 %1s 63c
northern light2829neutral250easy prey8 %
pale aurora4344aggressive261weak enemy11.54 %80s 61c
shivering presence3536aggressive611weak enemy11.48 %14s 75c
Sigum3233aggressive140not enough data35.71 %
Sleigh Horse3131neutral300weak enemy10 %
snow giant3233aggressive91not enough data0 %
snow imp2223aggressive220easy prey4.55 %
snowshoe bandit3132aggressive352easy prey20 %1g 14s 9c
snowshoe bandit mage3233aggressive231easy prey13.04 %15s 94c
stromkarl4242aggressive10not enough data0 %
taiga cat3535neutral10not enough data0 %
undead viking4849aggressive120not enough data16.67 %6g 47s 13c
white wolf2929neutral400weak enemy27.5 %1g 8s 36c
wintery dirge3840aggressive562weak enemy1.79 %41s 64c
wyvern3637aggressive3972weak enemy16.62 %9s 45c
young wyvern3030aggressive240easy prey0 %