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Zone: Jamtland Mountains

A total of 1403 monsters were killed here in Jamtland Mountains and that resulted in a total of 181 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 12.9%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
aged boreal cockatrice5153aggressive110not enough data0 %
Albion minion4849aggressive40not enough data0 %
alpine cockatrice3334aggressive500weak enemy8 %
aurora4449neutral20not enough data0 %
Aurora Borealis5455neutral100not enough data10 %
bone-eater eviscerater4344aggressive730weak enemy16.44 %2g 20s 19c
bone-eater oracle4344aggressive40not enough data0 %13c
bone-eater slayer4141aggressive10not enough data0 %
bone-eater spine-ripper4141aggressive10not enough data0 %
chattering skeleton3334neutral210easy prey0 %19s 55c
chillsome wight5455aggressive191not enough data26.32 %
Fanin4141aggressive10not enough data0 %
fenrir guard4849aggressive40not enough data0 %
fenrir prophet4547aggressive541weak enemy5.56 %15s 54c
fenrir shredder4648aggressive530weak enemy11.32 %1g 11s 8c
fenrir tracker4243aggressive380weak enemy5.26 %9s 61c
frore lich5658aggressive650weak enemy10.77 %
ghastly Albion invader4848aggressive10not enough data0 %
glacial mauler4849aggressive20not enough data0 %
Glacier Giant737310not enough data500 %
great lynx4348neutral450weak enemy13.33 %6s 67c
ice scrag4040aggressive10not enough data0 %
icebreaker5152neutral350weak enemy11.43 %1g 43s 72c
icestrider interceptor5051aggressive180not enough data11.11 %6g 21s 22c
isalf forayer4848aggressive20not enough data0 %54s 65c
isalf snowtracker3942friendly90not enough data0 %9s 22c
pale aurora4347aggressive4043weak enemy20.54 %1g 48s 53c
savage wyvern5353aggressive10not enough data0 %
shivering presence3637aggressive70not enough data0 %25s 56c
snowshoe bandit mage3535aggressive30not enough data33.33 %15s 75c
stromkarl4444aggressive10not enough data0 %
taiga cat3536neutral560weak enemy5.36 %
torpor worm4143aggressive560weak enemy5.36 %81s 84c
white wolf2628neutral2010weak enemy17.41 %1g 42s 33c
windswept wraith5356aggressive1072weak enemy14.95 %28s 4c
winter wolf4748aggressive260weak enemy11.54 %5s 77c
wintery dirge4345aggressive160not enough data25 %14s 53c