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Zone: Varulvhamn

A total of 5365 monsters were killed here in Varulvhamn and that resulted in a total of 651 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 12.13%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
crazed lycantic3234aggressive3659weak enemy10.96 %91s 55c
Faz3435aggressive581weak enemy15.52 %63s 68c
forodande warg3738aggressive793weak enemy0 %
frenetic wolfspider3638aggressive667equal opponent0 %
frukta warg4040aggressive570weak enemy0 %
High Lord Athulf4848aggressive223equal opponent40.91 %12s 52c
High Lord Modolfr4849aggressive140not enough data42.86 %43s 42c
High Lord Tarnkappe4849aggressive271weak enemy44.44 %56s 2c
King Hresvelgr4949neutral80not enough data37.5 %51s 45c
large wolfspider2628neutral1031weak enemy0 %
lilispawn2730aggressive120not enough data0 %
Lord Athulf3839neutral110not enough data0 %
Lord Bete3940aggressive141not enough data7.14 %7s 35c
Lord Brumma3941aggressive150not enough data20 %20s 72c
Lord Gifttand3838aggressive141not enough data0 %7s 35c
Lord Grifthand4040neutral120not enough data8.33 %
Lord Grym3839aggressive120not enough data0 %16s 23c
Lord Huggtand4041aggressive140not enough data0 %6s 56c
Lord Ungar4041aggressive120not enough data16.67 %25s 34c
Lord Vild3839aggressive151not enough data13.33 %19s 98c
Thelod3435neutral1520weak enemy53.95 %17s 11c
werewolf advisor4041aggressive574easy prey10.53 %18s 80c
werewolf bodyguard3839aggressive271weak enemy11.11 %11s 51c
werewolf churl3134aggressive10788weak enemy11.69 %74s 2c
werewolf elite guard4244aggressive493easy prey14.29 %15s 13c
werewolf grimnought4041aggressive230easy prey0 %13s 70c
werewolf noble3839aggressive140not enough data21.43 %6s 56c
werewolf prowler4041aggressive230easy prey4.35 %12s 94c
werewolf royal guard4142aggressive801weak enemy10 %17s 66c
werewolf scavenger4041aggressive490weak enemy10.2 %18s 48c
werewolf scruff3335aggressive9794weak enemy12.05 %72s 25c
werewolf warder2830aggressive100not enough data0 %25s 65c
wolfaur lunarian3940aggressive160not enough data18.75 %1g 52s 42c
wolfaur pragmatic3135aggressive10154weak enemy10.05 %63s 80c
wolfaur quixot3436aggressive85912weak enemy11.53 %12s 87c
wolfspider2429neutral40not enough data0 %