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Zone: Spindelhalla

A total of 5085 monsters were killed here in Spindelhalla and that resulted in a total of 546 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 10.74%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
arachite grymherre4243friendly200not enough data25 %10s 82c
arachite husker3839friendly50not enough data0 %49s 61c
arachite impaler3841friendly1190weak enemy14.29 %2g 61s 50c
arachite krigare3941friendly1010weak enemy8.91 %2g 37s 58c
arachite prelate3941friendly1040weak enemy15.38 %1g 28s 37c
arachite tunnelhost3439friendly3010weak enemy9.97 %1g 77s 4c
arachite vakt3840friendly590weak enemy10.17 %1g 87s 28c
blindsnake3839neutral180not enough data11.11 %1g 65s 95c
cave trow4043aggressive20112easy prey9.95 %2g 75s 2c
cave trow trollkarl4244aggressive8023bring a group8.75 %1g 53s 12c
crusher4950neutral141not enough data7.14 %3g 96s
cursed thulian4445aggressive454easy prey4.44 %1g 66s 22c
deeplurk feeder4446aggressive348hard opponent5.88 %1g 50c
deeplurk manslayer4548aggressive9012equal opponent15.56 %2g 87s 42c
djupt odjur4244aggressive375equal opponent5.41 %1g 90s 79c
djupt usling4446aggressive767easy prey10.53 %1g 80s 4c
djupt vivunder4648aggressive172not enough data17.65 %5g 60s 61c
duegar tjuv3940aggressive140not enough data7.14 %22s 11c
duegarhunter3238friendly2085weak enemy8.65 %4g 20s 63c
ekyps gunstling4045neutral240easy prey8.33 %1g 69s 83c
ekyps scavenger4143neutral1550weak enemy15.48 %1g 7s 91c
Fas5051aggressive111not enough data36.36 %13g 9s 56c
fell cat4445aggressive164not enough data31.25 %
fossil healer3636friendly10not enough data0 %
hallaratta3739aggressive541weak enemy12.96 %1g 60s 18c
Igo4245aggressive82not enough data0 %1g 60s 97c
kalf4647aggressive190not enough data10.53 %3g 56s 6c
kopparorm4646neutral20not enough data0 %91s 91c
lost hagbui4243aggressive182not enough data22.22 %1g 41s 85c
mad kobold4142aggressive456equal opponent11.11 %1g 25s 45c
Ond4848aggressive58not enough data80 %33g 26s 36c
spindel3737neutral51not enough data20 %36s 27c
spindel silkster3939neutral40not enough data0 %86s 25c
stinger3941aggressive19614easy prey8.67 %33s 94c
svartalf arbetare3739aggressive5508weak enemy11.27 %4g 42s 5c
svartalf thrall3237aggressive216412weak enemy10.35 %3g 37s 54c
Te Bui3737aggressive140not enough data0 %
terra crab3941aggressive1429easy prey10.56 %47s 64c
undead troll warrior4244aggressive610weak enemy0 %60s 43c
venomspitter373713not enough data0 %
Vixitr4041friendly221easy prey13.64 %33s 50c
Yleg4546aggressive244hard opponent16.67 %1g 20s 7c