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Zone: Malmohus

A total of 6366 monsters were killed here in Malmohus and that resulted in a total of 787 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 12.36%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Alfrigg4546aggressive240easy prey37.5 %
Arild5050aggressive40not enough data25 %3g 91s 23c
Arnulv5050aggressive130not enough data38.46 %
backwoods marodor3941aggressive20020equal opponent10 %1g 53s 72c
Burr4546aggressive240easy prey41.67 %
Desukva5253friendly170not enough data70.59 %
drakulv armguard4245aggressive167775easy prey9.78 %22s 28c
drakulv attendant5051aggressive18720equal opponent9.63 %44s 73c
drakulv axehand4750aggressive29721easy prey10.44 %37s 3c
drakulv disciple5661aggressive75not enough data28.57 %48s 35c
drakulv executioner4953aggressive88081easy prey13.86 %84s 86c
drakulv missionary3639aggressive51915weak enemy11.56 %61s 63c
drakulv protector4953aggressive294102bring a group5.1 %88s 25c
drakulv sacrificer4647aggressive15611easy prey9.62 %22s 90c
drakulv soultrapper5455aggressive374equal opponent8.11 %52s 93c
Eildird5152aggressive260weak enemy11.54 %82s 54c
Eiorharn4647aggressive20not enough data50 %
Esulv4646aggressive20not enough data50 %
fenrir guard4849aggressive70not enough data14.29 %
fenrir prophet4648aggressive40not enough data0 %43s 82c
fenrir shredder4851aggressive100not enough data20 %1g 67s 67c
fossil mystic575710not enough data0 %
Gunnolf4848aggressive30not enough data66.67 %
Hrolleif5353aggressive10not enough data0 %
icebreaker5253neutral70not enough data0 %
Ingardild4848aggressive20not enough data0 %
Kariig5253friendly790weak enemy49.37 %
Leidolf5353aggressive20not enough data50 %
Ljornrn5050aggressive50not enough data40 %
patrolling drakulv3843aggressive81135easy prey9.49 %23s 49c
Rana4848friendly250easy prey52 %
scaled varg snarler3537aggressive491weak enemy0 %
svartalf bloodbinder5052aggressive1811weak enemy11.6 %76s 59c
svartalf foister4851aggressive3135weak enemy14.38 %94s 55c
svartalf infiltrator4547aggressive4751weak enemy19.37 %5g 20s 4c
Ulf5052aggressive250easy prey0 %2g 54s 57c